Elna Cain

What Sites Like Upwork Are for Freelancers Who Need Jobs Right Now?

If you’ve been a freelancer for any amount of time (or at least have looked into it), I’m sure you have heard of Upwork. Upwork is a freelancer platform where you can make a profile and search for freelance gigs. And some freelancers make bank on this platform. But, there are so many other sites like Upwork where freelancers can find paying gigs right now.

Elna Cain

How Do You Have Recurring Income as a Freelancer?

Are you struggling to commit to your freelance business because your income is sporadic and unpredictable? This is a common fear amongst freelancers and it’s one I’m no stranger to myself. The thought of leaving a “real” job to pursue my passion was terrifying.

Elna Cain

Are There High-Paying Sites for Freelance Writers?

Are you an aspiring freelance writer or blogger? Enjoy writing? There are many ways to earn money blogging and one easy way is to blog for others. Did you know you can get paid to write blog posts for other sites?

Beau Peters

What Home Office Layout Ideas Work Best for Freelancers?

Working as a freelancer can be a fulfilling career experience. Whether your field is creative, administrative, commercial, or a combination of these there are opportunities to not just make a living, but to thrive. However, that’s not to say that it is always easy.

Anna Fox

What Tools Are Best for Brainstorming and Organizing Content Ideas?

As a freelance writer having to constantly come up with fresh content ideas, unique angles and original perspectives can be a challenge. Something that hasn’t been covered yet… Something that would spur interest and engagement.

Elna Cain

What are the Writing Tools Freelance Writers Need?

I think it’s safe to say that every freelance writer has sat and stared at their screen with absolutely no idea where to start. Whether working on a client project or building your portfolio through guest posting, every freelance writer struggles with the actual process of writing once and awhile. Not to mention…everything else!