Lydia Knox

How Do You Connect With People on Linkedin (And Is It the Same As Following)?

LinkedIn has over 774 million users with the opportunity to pitch, search for jobs, and network all in one place. Somehow the social networking site is not always used by freelancers to its full potential. If you’ve never used it you might wonder how to connect with people on Linkedin.

Elna Cain

What Skills Do You Need for Freelance Marketing?

Doing freelance marketing either as a side gig or full time is a great way to earn extra money, tap into your creative juices, and make some super valuable networking connections. What’s even better?


What Types of Income Can A Freelancer Have?

Thinking about being a freelancer? With everything happening with businesses coming online, working from home is something that is changing the landscape as a worker. More people are working from home and looking at ways to make money and a great way to do this is as a freelancer.

Cat Miller

How Do You Stay Motivated During Tough Times?

Freelancing always seems to come with its share of motivational highs and lows. You finish a project and get paid – motivational high! Freelancing always seems to come with its share of motivational highs and lows. You make a mistake and are ready to throw in the towel – motivational low. Land a new client – high! It’s a motivational roller-coaster that sometimes gets harder when a tough time occurs.

Elna Cain

Where Do I Find Weekend Remote Jobs That are Hiring?

Weekend remote jobs are great for all types of individuals. Moms looking to make a few extra dollars on the side, working men looking to add a bit extra to their retirement funds, and retired individuals that might be looking for something to keep them busy.

Elna Cain

What Are the Best Small Home Office Ideas for Freelancers?

As a freelancer, sometimes you have to get creative with your home office ideas. Ultimately, it’s nice to have a dedicated workspace where you can keep things organized and stay focused.

Mariah Castro

How Do I Capture a Client’s Voice As a Freelancer?

What sets ghostwriting apart from other forms of freelancing? The skill it takes to write in a freelance client’s voice plays a huge role. Believe it or not, allowing someone else to claim your writing as their own has its benefits.