Saskia Friedrich

How Can You Be a Good Podcast Host?

Ever listened to a podcast that made you cringe and you quickly turned it off or changed to another one? You wonder why some podcasts are fantastic and others are simply not great to listen to.

Beau Peters

How Do You Create a Financially and Legally Sound Freelancing Business?

Starting as a freelancer is an accessible option today for most people. The rise of the digital landscape means that you can interact with a global marketplace of potential clients. Not to mention that the emergence of the gig economy has resulted in a wider range of businesses open to collaborating with freelancers. Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your efforts are guaranteed to be successful.


What Types of Income Can A Freelancer Have?

Thinking about being a freelancer? With everything happening with businesses coming online, working from home is something that is changing the landscape as a worker. More people are working from home and looking at ways to make money and a great way to do this is as a freelancer.

Beau Peters

How Do You Recognize Signs of Work Stress As a Freelancer?

Freelancing is supposed to be a liberating career move. You no longer have to work for a business that you don’t care for, and don’t have to worry about your boss’ expectations or evaluations. However, many freelancers quickly find that going at it alone is more stressful than working a steady 9 – 5.

Deborah Ruck

How Do I Maintain a Website as a Freelancer?

You did it! You conquered one of the greatest hurdles standing in the way of becoming a freelancer. You created your professional writer website… all by yourself.

Elna Cain

How Do You Write a Winning Price Increase Letter?

If you’re new to freelancing, there is one things you need to have for sure, if you want to make this a full business. It’s a price increase letter and it’s a type of announcement you can send to your clients to let them know that you are increasing your rates.