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Do You Have to Be an SME to Write about Thought Leadership?

In most cases, you don’t need to be a subject matter expert to write a thought leadership piece.

Your ability to capture the audience with striking words that they find relatable may be more important than your deep knowledge in the field.

There are too many SMEs out here to bother becoming one. (Take this with a pinch of salt; I’m trolling 😅 )

How Can Freelance Writers Effectively Conduct Research?

Picture this.

You landed your dream client, and the time’s come to dazzle them with your writing prowess.

You reassure yourself by saying, “I’m a wordsmith. How hard could it possibly be?”

Can ChatGPT Be Your Developmental Editor?

Artificial intelligence has been the focus of the horror genre for decades.

Classics like “Chucky” help us imagine what life would be like if our toys suddenly gained artificial sentience.

What Are the 7 Psychological Buying Triggers and How Can I Use Them in Copywriting?

Let’s face it – humans are irrational.

Dan Ariely refers to them as “Predictably Irrational” in his aptly named book.

The predictable part is good news for you as a writer – it means that psychological triggers can be used in copy to produce similar results over time.

How Do You Ace B2B Content Writing? 10 Tips for Writers

B2B decision-makers spend more than 70% of the purchase cycle engaging with content and 44% say they usually consume three to five content pieces before reaching out to a sales representative.

Plus, a study found that content marketing generates 3x as many leads and costs 62% less than outbound marketing tactics.

These figures make it obvious why B2B brands are willing to spend so much on content marketing — and that includes paying high rates to freelance writers!

How Can I Use Metaphor Examples When Writing?

Are you looking for a way to make your content stand out in a crowd?

Do you want your work to be head and shoulders above the rest?

How Do You Create More Content in Less Time? 21 Tips for You

In content marketing, there’s never enough time.

It’s like a grandfather clock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

How Do I Become an Engaging and Credible Writer?

Have you ever come across an article you loved?

What about a book that you just couldn’t put down?