Lydia Knox

How Do You Connect With People on Linkedin (And Is It the Same As Following)?

LinkedIn has over 774 million users with the opportunity to pitch, search for jobs, and network all in one place. Somehow the social networking site is not always used by freelancers to its full potential. If you’ve never used it you might wonder how to connect with people on Linkedin.

Beau Peters

How Can Freelancers Get Paid By Clients Faster?

As a freelancer, it’s important to set yourself up to be financially secure. This starts with things like living below your means and properly tending to your taxes.

Poovanesh Pather

How Do You Have a Good Day at Work With an Autoimmune Illness?

Is your autoimmune illness the biggest barrier in your freelance business? Do you feel it’s a malicious bully that strangles your efforts to have a good day at work? Why does it have to attack so viciously now that it is impossible to return to the traditional workplace?

Catherine Mwende

What Proofreading Apps and Grammar Checker Can You Use (Free of Charge)?

Writing is an art by itself and crafting interesting pieces that will keep your readers engaged and informed is what you should aim at whenever you write. As a freelancer, you need to make sure your writing flows well, and it’s free from any grammatical or spelling mistakes before you hit the publish or send button.

Anna Fox

What Content Creation Tools Will Help Your Freelance Career?

Creating high-quality content is key to a successful freelance writing career but it is getting harder and harder. We live in the era of information overload when everything seems to have been written by now.