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Can a Ladder Desk Improve My Freelance Work?

If you’re a freelancer, you know how important it is to have a comfortable and functional workspace. I’ve been freelancing for close to a decade and over those years, I’ve had serious bouts of hand pain and neck pain.

So, having a workspace with all the necessities like your desk, chair and laptop, is important if you type for a living.

How Do You Boost Productivity as a Freelancing Parent with Technology?

Are you a multitasking superhero, balancing freelancing gigs and being a devoted parent but secretly wishing you could be more present while earning more?

As freelancing parents, we face unique pain points that can stretch us thin.

Time management becomes a puzzle, and allocating quality time to our work and family takes work.

Is Digital Burnout Harmful to Freelancers?

In our modern, fast-paced world, we absolutely love the freedom and flexibility that comes with working remotely as a freelancer.

But let’s face it: being constantly connected and dealing with the never-ending demands of the digital realm can really drain our energy and impact our overall well-being.

As a full-time freelancer myself, I understand firsthand the challenges of managing digital burnout.

Is It Difficult to Find Work as a Freelancer?

While freelancing offers awesome benefits that can turn it into an appealing career, it’s also true that gaining significant success is a lot of effort and persistence.

To find consistent work opportunities, many freelancers are proactive in building their careers and creating their professional image online.

This process includes: researching the latest job postings, marketing your services, and introducing yourself to customers.

What Freelancing Emergencies Do We Have to Handle?

Life happens.

Emergencies can occur at any job, even with the best preparations and planning in place.

However, when you’re a freelancer, any kind of emergency can be especially terrifying.

Where Do I Look For Remote Graphic Design Jobs?

Does the idea of working from home as a graphic designer sound exciting to you?

If graphic design is your thing, I bet it does!

How Do You Create a Financially and Legally Sound Freelancing Business?

Starting as a freelancer is an accessible option today for most people.

The rise of the digital landscape means that you can interact with a global marketplace of potential clients. Not to mention that the emergence of the gig economy has resulted in a wider range of businesses open to collaborating with freelancers.

Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your efforts are guaranteed to be successful.

What is an LOI? How Can You Use One to Cold Pitch Successfully?

If you’re a seasoned freelance writer or even a newbie in the industry, you’ve heard of “cold pitching.”

In order to land clients, in order to market yourself within your niche (or explore other niches) you need to reach out to companies that you wish to work with.

Using an LOI, or a Letter of Introduction is a great way to land a potential client.