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How Do You Create a Financially and Legally Sound Freelancing Business?

Starting as a freelancer is an accessible option today for most people.

The rise of the digital landscape means that you can interact with a global marketplace of potential clients. Not to mention that the emergence of the gig economy has resulted in a wider range of businesses open to collaborating with freelancers.

Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your efforts are guaranteed to be successful.

What is an LOI? How Can You Use One to Cold Pitch Successfully?

If you’re a seasoned freelance writer or even a newbie in the industry, you’ve heard of “cold pitching.”

In order to land clients, in order to market yourself within your niche (or explore other niches) you need to reach out to companies that you wish to work with.

Using an LOI, or a Letter of Introduction is a great way to land a potential client.

What Niche Freelancing Jobs Can Help Differentiate You and Your Talent?

The rush to leave the 9-5 grind in favor of the freelance life continues to grow. Freelancing is an excellent way to make a living, but if you don’t have a way to stand out, you’ll struggle to make a living.

One of the best ways to stand out in a crowded freelance market is to find your niche and become awesome at it.

How Can I Turn My Hobby Into a Successful Freelance Job?

Freelance careers aren’t “get rich overnight” schemes.

Freelance jobs require the same, if not more effort in maintaining and succeeding.

But, with a freelance career, you’re open to endless opportunities.

How Do I Plan an Effective Discovery Call?

It’s not always quick and easy to onboard new clients as a freelancer.

Even if someone expresses an interest in your services, there are still plenty of details to nail down before signing a contract.

What Skills Do You Need for Freelance Marketing?

Doing freelance marketing either as a side gig or full time is a great way to earn extra money, tap into your creative juices, and make some super valuable networking connections.

What’s even better?

How Can I Diversify My Freelance Income?

Anticipation, exhilaration, twists, turns, slow climbs to the top followed by a negative G-force loop that has you swallowing your stomach.

Suddenly it slows, sometimes stopping with a jerk while your brain catches up with your body. If you think I am describing a roller coaster, you’re right.

What is a Solid Way to Gain Freelance Job Leads?

Steady work is tough to guarantee as a freelancer, especially prior to building a reputation.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to keep your eyes open and your keyboard poised to snag the next great opportunity.