Chelsy Theriault

FreshBooks vs QuickBooks: Which Accounting Software is Best for Freelancers?

As a freelancer, managing your finances is as crucial as landing your next client. I mean, if you don’t have your finances in order, you won’t know who is paying for what and who to invoice. It’s time to figure out which accounting software you should use.

Elna Cain

What Are the Top Freelance Ideas You Can Do for Work?

So, what freelance ideas are there right now? As someone who has been freelancing online for many years, I’ve witnessed firsthand the shift towards a more flexible lifestyle for many creators. Ever since COVID-19 consumed the world, the idea of remote work and staying home to work not only became the normal but the thing people were craving.

Elna Cain

Freelancing Financial Success: What Are Expert Tips for Budgeting, Taxes, and Retirement Planning?

Being a successful freelancer is dependent on a variety of elements. One of the influencing factors that can be disastrous for freelancers to overlook is taking financially responsible actions. This isn’t just about bringing in as much money from your client base as possible.

Cora Gold

How Can Freelancers Fight the Afternoon Slump? Tips for Boosting Energy

Some people picture freelancers as superhumans of productivity. While it may be true earlier in the day, there are usually unavoidable lulls. Every working individual is susceptible to the afternoon slump, no matter the arrangement.

Elna Cain

How Do I Find Freelance Bookkeeping Jobs as a Beginner?

Are you drawn to numbers and have a knack for managing finances? If you’re nodding your head, then freelance bookkeeping might just be the perfect gig for you! I mean you can market yourself as a virtual bookeeper, small business bookkeeper or even be a bookeeping assistant as a freelancer.

Elna Cain

What Should You NEVER Use AI For in Your Freelance Business?

As a freelancer, I’m sure you’ve heard of ChatGPT and other AI tools and how they can help people speed up their content creation process. Some business owners even use it to write blog posts without any human intervention. So bold! If you’re a writer, though, you know something that many business owners don’t—if you don’t know how to write content, don’t use ChatGPT.

Tobiloba Ayorinde

Do You Have to Be an SME to Write about Thought Leadership?

In most cases, you don’t need to be a subject matter expert to write a thought leadership piece. Your ability to capture the audience with striking words that they find relatable may be more important than your deep knowledge in the field. There are too many SMEs out here to bother becoming one. (Take this with a pinch of salt; I’m trolling 😅 )