Ken Marshall

How Can You Work Less and Make More?

If you’re a freelancer, especially if it’s been awhile, you’ve probably asked yourself the question, “how can I work less and make more” at least a million times. I know when I started freelancing almost 7 years ago, both of those things were often on my mind.

Elna Cain

What Skills Do You Need for Freelance Marketing?

Doing freelance marketing either as a side gig or full time is a great way to earn extra money, tap into your creative juices, and make some super valuable networking connections. What’s even better?

Chelsy Theriault

How Do You Get Paid to Read Books?

Book lovers, rejoice! If you love to devour fiction or lose yourself in non-fiction, you can get paid to read books.

Elna Cain

Where Do I Find Weekend Remote Jobs That are Hiring?

Weekend remote jobs are great for all types of individuals. Moms looking to make a few extra dollars on the side, working men looking to add a bit extra to their retirement funds, and retired individuals that might be looking for something to keep them busy.

Elna Cain

What Floating Desk Is Better for My Home Office?

As a busy freelancer, you need a home office that allows you to get work done efficiently and without distractions. But that may be harder than you think. Working from home as a mom to twins and a husband who also works from home can be difficult. Oh, and we just adopted a kitty too! This kitty took over my office and now I have very limited space in my home to have a functional

Elna Cain

What is Alliteration and How Do You Use It?

There are so many things we are trying to communicate in our writing. Character development, a plot and story climax, and setting the tone for a piece of literature. Using alliterations is excellent for creating a mood in your writing that helps to convey to the reader a setting for your story or characters.