Elna Cain

What Part-Time Jobs for a Disabled Person are Available?

The term disability is far-reaching and covers a lot of people with different abilities and situations. The term disabled is defined as “(of a person) having a physical or mental condition that limits their movements, senses, or activities.”

Beau Peters

How Can Freelancers Pay Off Debt and Achieve Financial Freedom?

Although freelancing offers a lot of flexibility, the work can be inconsistent. This affects the stability of your income. Using credit cards and loans to stay afloat is all too common in this scenario.

Beau Peters

How Do I Protect My Mental Health As a Freelancer?

Freelancing has become a more popular career choice than ever in recent years. As technology continues to advance, the gig economy continues to grow. There’s no question as to why –freelancing comes with plenty of benefits!

Beau Peters

How Do You Recognize Signs of Work Stress As a Freelancer?

Freelancing is supposed to be a liberating career move. You no longer have to work for a business that you don’t care for, and don’t have to worry about your boss’ expectations or evaluations. However, many freelancers quickly find that going at it alone is more stressful than working a steady 9 – 5.

Elna Cain

What Floating Desk Is Better for My Home Office?

As a busy freelancer, you need a home office that allows you to get work done efficiently and without distractions. But that may be harder than you think. Working from home as a mom to twins and a husband who also works from home can be difficult. Oh, and we just adopted a kitty too! This kitty took over my office and now I have very limited space in my home to have a functional

Ines S. Tavares

How Do You Ace B2B Content Writing? 10 Tips for Writers

Wondering how do you ace B2B content writing? Get 10 tips for writing effective B2B content and learn what B2B content writers do and how much they earn.