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Freelancing Financial Success: What Are Expert Tips for Budgeting, Taxes, and Retirement Planning?

Being a successful freelancer is dependent on a variety of elements.

One of the influencing factors that can be disastrous for freelancers to overlook is taking financially responsible actions.

This isn’t just about bringing in as much money from your client base as possible.

How Can Freelancers Pay Off Debt and Achieve Financial Freedom?

Although freelancing offers a lot of flexibility, the work can be inconsistent.

This affects the stability of your income.

Using credit cards and loans to stay afloat is all too common in this scenario.

How Do You Get Paid to Read Books?

Book lovers, rejoice!

If you love to devour fiction or lose yourself in non-fiction, you can get paid to read books.

How Do You Save Money Fast on a Low Income (As a Freelancer)?

Freelancers are resourceful self-starters.

They’re business owners and solopreneurs who know how to manage many different aspects of business.

How Do You Make Money Selling Feet Pics (Legally)?

Did you know that the world of freelancing goes way beyond writers?

If you can sell something on a client-by-client basis, you’re a freelancer!

How Do I Cope With Variable Income As a Freelancer?

Being a freelancer gives you a lot of agency.

You aren’t tied to a time clock, you have the freedom to choose who you want to work with, and there’s a level of unmatched satisfaction when you do a good job.

What Do Freelancers Need to Know About Bookkeeping?

Congratulations – you started your freelance career and are looking forward to doing work you love and being your own boss.

Then people start throwing around words like bookkeeping and taxes, and you start to panic.

How Can Freelancers Get Paid By Clients Faster?

As a freelancer, it’s important to set yourself up to be financially secure.

This starts with things like living below your means and properly tending to your taxes.