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How Can My Local Library Help My Freelance Business?

When starting our freelance businesses, it seems like everything costs money.

A computer to do your work on? Money.

Certain softwares needed for your craft? Money.

What Are the Best Small Home Office Ideas for Freelancers?

As a freelancer, sometimes you have to get creative with your home office ideas.

Ultimately, it’s nice to have a dedicated workspace where you can keep things organized and stay focused.

What is the Best Invoice Software for Freelancers?

When did you realize that being a freelancer also meant managing a business?

Probably soon after you got your first client.

How Can I Create a Recurring Revenue Stream by Setting up a Video Course?

After working hard to create content for your freelancing business and build your personal brand, it is time to look for ways to create additional sources of income as well as alternative lead generation sources.

Re-packaging your content can be an excellent way to reach a wider audience and increase visibility, breathing new life into the content that you’ve already produced.

Specifically, creating a video course can further promote your personal brand (allowing you to start charging more), as well as create a passive income for your business.

What are the Best Tools for Writing Compelling and SEO-Friendly Web Posts?

Writing may seem like a an easy thing to some people.

All you need to do is to unite the words into sentences, right?

But you know the truth: Writing any content can be immensely complicated.

How Can I Maximize My Writing and Editing?

When you go to a business meeting, do you bring a paper notebook and pencil so you can take notes or write on handouts from the meeting? Do you retype the notes later?

Are you a freelance editor who gets PDFs or Word docs that you have to print out, make handwritten editing changes, then scan?

What Tools Are Best for Brainstorming and Organizing Content Ideas?

As a freelance writer having to constantly come up with fresh content ideas, unique angles and original perspectives can be a challenge.

Something that hasn’t been covered yet… Something that would spur interest and engagement.

What Writing Tools Can Increase My Productivity?

Writers need to tap on their creative juices for them to be productive and to create the kind of content expected from them. If you are working as a writer, there are various tools that you can use to improve your productivity.

Writers need to tap on their creative juices for them to be productive.

From de-cluttering your workspace to tools designed to improve your work, these tools can surely be of big help.