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What Are the Top WordPress Plugins for Freelance Writers?

Do you have a WordPress writer website?

How about a WordPress blog?

Most writers, marketers and bloggers opt currently for WordPress due to the huge creative space it offers to its user community. Just think about it:

How Do I Use Scrivener to Manage My Writing?

If you don’t have a system to keep track of your writing, becoming a successful writer will be stressful.

Most writers have some sort of system, whether it’s written on a piece of paper, or tracking clients, deadlines and deliveries with to-do lists and calendars. But, what about keeping track of the work itself?

Are There Any Good Writing and Editing Apps for Freelance Writers?

As a freelance writer your phone is probably the most useful and effective accessory you have. You bring it everywhere you go and it can help you with your writing business by:

What Are the Best Online Merchant Services for Charging Freelance Writing Clients?

You work your butt off for your paychecks. Unfortunately for freelancers, we have to arrange every single paycheck. No convenient and regular direct deposit transactions for us.

Nope. We have to create every invoice for every project. Luckily, there are a lot of services that make the invoice process easier. Not so lucky for us, there are a lot of online merchant services to choose from, and finding the right one for your business can be frustrating.

The sad truth is that I can’t give you a clear-cut answer to this question. Which online merchant service is right for me? That’s like asking what color looks best on you. It all depends.