Fiverr vs Upwork: Is One Better for Freelancers in 2021?

With so many choices of where to find freelancing work, it can be difficult to choose which platform you should dedicate your time to.

I know I have my favorites but not every platform out there is suitable to every freelancer – and not every freelance has the time to play around with what’s available to see what works.

What If I Hate My Boss? What to Do When Quitting Isn’t an Option Yet

How often during your workday do you find yourself saying, “I hate my boss”?

If it’s a lot, you’re not alone.

In 2018, the popular job site conducted a poll of people who were seeking new jobs.

How Do You Write a Query Letter?

Do you know how to write a query letter?

As a freelancer looking for work, you’ve probably hit the job boards, sent off your applications and emailed pitches hoping to land the perfect client.

Pitching, I believe, is perhaps one of the best ways to secure long-term work and build a strong relationship with a client.

Past Due Invoice – What Do You Do to Get Paid?

It’s bound to happen at one point or another…

If you have any kind of freelance clients that don’t pay you in advance of your services, you are going to run into a time where your invoices go unpaid and your clients end up with past due invoices or, worse yet, not paying you at all.

How Do You Get Clients the First Time?

The first question on every new freelancer’s mind is: “how to get clients?”

While getting your first client might seem a bit overwhelming, there are many effective strategies that all freelancers can use to land their first client and subsequent clients thereafter.

But with so many options, where does one even begin?

How Do You Build Relationships With Clients?

Freelancing is an amazing opportunity to do what you love and get paid to do it.

However, a freelancer’s success lies in the hands of those who are willing to hire them.

Many freelancers do well making money on a project-to-project basis, taking on small jobs from a variety of clients.

Yet stability in freelancing depends on building strong relationships with clients.

What are the Best Freelance Web Developer Jobs?

Are you handy with web design? Site platforms? Coding? Website management?

Back in the day, delving into web development at home was more of a hobby than an actual job.

How Do You Have Recurring Income as a Freelancer?

Are you struggling to commit to your freelance business because your income is sporadic and unpredictable?

This is a common fear amongst freelancers and it’s one I’m no stranger to myself. The thought of leaving a “real” job to pursue my passion was terrifying.