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What Writing Tools Can Increase My Productivity?

Writers need to tap on their creative juices for them to be productive and to create the kind of content expected from them. If you are working as a writer, there are various tools that you can use to improve your productivity.

Writers need to tap on their creative juices for them to be productive.

From de-cluttering your workspace to tools designed to improve your work, these tools can surely be of big help.

How Do I Boost My Freelance Website’s SEO?

Are you tired of pitching  to one prospect after another? Do you wish you had a writing business where clients pour in without having to do much?

Well, I’ve been lucky in this case because after switching to freelance writing for a living, I’ve never had to pitch my services to prospects. My hire me page does pretty well in funneling organic clients.

What Online Tools Will Help My Writing Career?

Your work as an online writer is not limited to developing top-notch content and establishing effective communication with multiple clients.

You also have to be aware of the needs and preferences of your target audience, and you should always keep up with the latest trends in the niches you cover. On top of everything, you need to establish a strong social media presence that will cement your position as an influential online writer.

What Are Some of the Best Gifts for Freelance Writers?

Wondering what gift to get the freelance writer in your life? Or maybe you’re a freelance writer who doesn’t know what to ask for!

Fear not. You don’t need to buy a shiny new laptop or a complete office remodel to make the freelance writer in your life happy, and you don’t have to stick with asking for gift cards if you’re a writer.

How Do You Display Your Testimonials on Your Website?

Testimonials are a crucial element of a successful freelance writer’s website, and one of the best ways to attract and convince clients to hire you.

Maybe you’ve started asking your clients if they wouldn’t mind writing a testimonial for you, or maybe you got lucky and someone recommended you on LinkedIn without any prompting – nice!

What Tools Should I Be Using As A Freelance Writer In 2020?

Any successful freelance writer will be able to tell you in order to make it in the business, you need to have the right tools in your kit. These tools should be tried and tested resources you can rely on time and time again.

But, with an avalanche of information on the internet, it can be tough for new writers to work out which tools are worth investigating.

Based on feedback from those already making money with their words, here is a list of resources for budding freelance writers. Read on and decide which freelance writer tools are needed for your writing arsenal kit.

Why Should I Transcribe My Interviews and Can I Make Them Suck Less?

Reading typos in an interview transcript can be a cringe worthy experience. It’s easy to be jarred by a random error, skip around, then give up reading.

Freelancer writers are encouraged to delegate or outsource unlikable tasks or tasks that eat up valuable billable time.

But transcribing recorded interviews is one bear of a task I can’t give up for now. This is partly because I’ve done professional transcribing, so I’m stubbornly proud and insist on tackling transcription myself.

What Are the Best Sites for Freelance Writers to Display their Work?

A recent web conference left me with this valuable lesson: “A writer without their own website is like a vendor without his own stall.”

As a previous post has discussed, your website and your online portfolio of your work are not only your base of operations, but also the place where potential clients will come find you and check your work to see if you’re worth hiring.