How Do You Display Your Testimonials on Your Website?

Testimonials are a crucial element of a successful freelance writer’s website, and one of the best ways to attract and convince clients to hire you.

Maybe you’ve started asking your clients if they wouldn’t mind writing a testimonial for you, or maybe you got lucky and someone recommended you on LinkedIn without any prompting – nice!

How Should I Invoice My Freelance Writing Clients?

Invoicing is one of those details freelancers often don’t think about until you need to create one.

When suddenly faced with the need to send an invoice for the first time, it’s easy to feel lost. How do you create a professional-looking invoice from scratch? Where do invoice numbers come from? What if your client doesn’t pay?

How Can I Display My Freelance Writing Portfolio?

As a freelancer, you know that having a portfolio is crucial for getting work.

Beginners may be able to skate by without one, but when you’re ready to get serious about professional freelancing, you need an online portfolio that will showcase the best of your work so you can attract and impress higher-paying clients.