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How Do You Get Paid Chatting as a Side Gig?

Do you have a gift for gab?

Would you love to sit at home and make money by talking?

How Do You Get Paid Chatting as a Side Gig?

Then paid chatting side gigs may just be for you!

There are many legit companies out there that will pay you to chat with customers or simply answer text messages throughout the day.

Chatting side gigs are jobs where you get paid to, well, chat!

These roles can vary from working as a customer support agent to teaching people a new language.

There are many legit companies out there that will pay you to chat with customers or simply answer text messages throughout the day.

Some will hire you on a part-time or full-time basis, while others allow you to work when you want.

How awesome does that sound?

What Skills Do I Need For Chatting Jobs?

One of the best things about getting paid to chat as a side gig is that many jobs don’t require a ton of experience!

However, there are certain skills you should have to increase your success and earnings:

Communication Skills

Obviously, if you’re going to get paid to chat, you need to know how to communicate.

This involves both knowing how to speak clearly and concisely but also how to stop and listen to your client or customer.

Typing Skills

If you’re looking to get paid to do text-based chatting jobs, you’ll need to know how to type!

Increasing your typing skills will help you become more efficient with your jobs and can help you earn more money.

Empathy and Understanding

These may seem like weird skills to throw in here, but being able to listen and pinpoint another person’s struggles is key when it comes to chatting jobs.

Whether you are addressing a customer service issue or are being paid to talk to someone socially, you need to know how to empathize with and understand the person on the other end.


While most chatting jobs require no form of education or experience, there are some that will require advanced knowledge or a degree.

For instance, if you want to chat with those suffering from mental health issues, you’ll need some sort of mental health degree.

Likewise, if you’re interested in offering advice as an expert through sites like JustAnswer or Working Solutions (more about those in a bit!), you need some hefty knowledge and experience to back up the information you provide.

Types of Chatting Jobs

Like any sort of side gig out there, there are multiple ways you can approach the job.

When it comes to chatting, here are the different types of roles you can explore:

Chat Operators & Customer Service

Nowadays, you don’t have to work at a call center to make money as a customer service representative.

There are many online companies that will hire remote workers to speak with customers and solve their issues!

Here are some of the companies that have chat operator jobs:

  • Amazon: Amazon customer support agents make good money sitting at home and chatting. They offer full-time and part-time work.
  • Apple: Apple is another massive company where you can get paid chatting. They hire for roles such as customer support, technical support, and online support.
  • VIPDesk: VIPDesk is a call center service that hires remote agents to handle live calls, live chats, and emails for their clients.

Online Text-Based Support

Some chatting side gigs don’t even involve talking!

Have you ever opted to use a text-based chat program instead of calling a customer service agent? Those are real, live people who answer your questions.

So, if you’d rather not speak directly with anyone, you can look for online text-based support jobs where you can solve customers’ issues just by typing.

Teaching a New Language

When it comes to chatting for money, you can get paid as an English tutor – as long as you are a native speaker.

Or, if you are fluent in another language, you can teach that as well!

Check out popular sites and apps that pay people to teach English, such as Palfish and VIPKids.

Social Chatting

Yes, you can make money by sending flirty texts and giving attention to lonely people, but social chatting goes way beyond adult entertainment.

For instance, you can get paid to chat with people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Or, you can offer coaching services or help people prepare for job interviews. There’s so much you can do with a chatting side gig!

Text Message Marketing

There are marketing, research, and advertising companies that will send you a text message to test out new campaigns and allow you to participate in surveys.

This type of chatting side gig isn’t going to earn you a living wage, but it’s a great way to put some extra money in your pocket!

Apps and Websites to Get Paid for Chatting

If you’re looking for more of a chatting gig side hustle, you can always look for websites to get paid for chatting.

Some will pay you to chat to lonely people (in an appropriate way) or ovver your expertise on a certain topic.

Here are some apps and websites to get paid for chatting:


If you are knowledgeable in a certain topic, you can get paid to chat with people and answer their questions about that tpic.

Think of it like a personalized helpline, where people connect with niche-specialists and professionals.

You do have to pass a skills exam to become an expert on JustAnswer but some JustAnswer experts earcn $3,000 to $4,000 per month!


This platform requires that you answer quick questionnaires and surveys and respond to coupons and offers.

You can earn betwen $0.25 to $1.00 per response which is deposited into your PayPal account.

If you have some sort of degree in the field of mental health, you can sign up with to support people suffering from depression and anxiety.

You can earn $20-$21 per hour and all you need is a smartphone with a reliable connection.


Okay, so Fiverr isn’t specifically a platform aimed at chatting side gigs, but it does allow you to offer a variety of chatting services and make money!

You can offer to do mock job interviews, get paid to listen to people’s problems, or offer life coaching services.

When it comes to what you can offer on Fiverr, the sky is the limit!


FriendPC will pay you to chat with someone who is looking for a friend – in a way that is completely platonic and appropriate.

You can talk in a chat room, on an online call, or use text messages.

FriendPC pays $15-$50 per hour and people will use this service not only to chat with a friend but also to learn a new skill or get advice.


I couldn’t resist putting this on the list of websites to get paid for chatting – it’s such as amazing idea!

JoinPapa connects elderly people with younger people who want to get paid to chat.

You can earn up to $15 per hour by connecting with a senior, and who knows what you’ll learn!

Working Solutions

Working Solutions is kind of like a customer service platform but instead of answering calls from customers, you can provide sales, customer service, and technical support.

This company hires people as independent contractors but you can work on your own schedule and earn some decent cash.

How Much Can You Earn By Chatting Online?

How much you make with a chatting side gig depends entirely on your rate-per-minute and how many jobs you pick up.

But some chat jobs pay well, such as VIPKids. Teaching for 40 hours per week can earn you $840.

And if you land a fulltime job with a company such as Apple, you could be looking at making a ton more!

How much you make by chatting online depends entirely on the type fo chat job you choose and how many hours you want to work.

If you dedicate enough time, it can really pay off!

Chat Away and Get Paid!

There you have it!

If you love the idea of talking to a variety of people during the day, there are many amazing opportunities for you to get paid to chat.

Whether you are talking, texting, or simply listening, why not make some money with a chatting side gig?

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