What Are the Steps to Start a Freelancing Career?

What are the steps to start a freelancing career?

That’s the question I found myself asking just a few weeks ago.

What Are the Steps to Start a Freelancing Career?

I figured why wouldn’t I want to turn my writing into a thriving online business?

After stumbling across Elna Cain’s freelance writing blog, I began to ask myself how I can start and run a successful freelancing career.

I love writing and blogging and have been writing online in different capacities for over six years.

I’ve made a few bucks doing it here and there but I’ve never had the thought I could do this and make decent money!

And so, I figured why wouldn’t I want to turn my writing into a thriving online career?

It just made sense.

Are you wanting to start a freelancing career?

It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a web designer, or a coder the steps outlined in this blog post can be applied to any type of freelancing business.

In this blog post, I want to show you how to start and run a successful freelancing career!

But more than just that, I want to give you some pointers on how to succeed in doing it!

Decide On a Business Name

It’s hard to run any business if you don’t know what it’s called.

Before I launched my freelance writing career I spent a lot of time thinking of what I wanted to call it.

Your freelance career name matters and in an active digital world branding is everything!

You want clients to see and know your brand if they stumble across it online.

Your brand can also give off certain vibes and emotions.

So, the name you picked (or are thinking about choosing) what kind of feeling do you get when you say it, look at it, or see it on your website?

For example, when I think of ProBlogger I think of awesome blogging advice that every blogger should check out.

It gives the impression of someone being a “professional” blogger.

When Darren Rowse started ProBlogger he probably didn’t think of himself as a Pro, but his brand is seen as that today.

Branding matters.

So pick a business name that you will want people to remember!

Know Your Purpose

What’s the purpose of your freelance career?

Are you only wanting to have a part-time freelance job? Or do you have plans to go full-time eventually?

Do you know your target audience?

What’s the niche you are wanting to be in?

These are questions that can help you determine the purpose of your freelancing business.

Starting a career without knowing your purpose is like jumping in your car to drive somewhere but you have no idea where you are going.

Purpose helps give your business direction!

Take a few minutes and think through what the purpose is or will be for your career.

Write them down.

And then walk away for a few hours (or a few days) and then come back to them and see how you feel about what you wrote down.

Do you still feel inspired? Do you still feel excited?

Then you’ve probably found your freelancing business’ purpose!

Here’s How to Start a Freelancing Business that Won’t Fail

Many freelancers and bloggers never start because of the fear of failure.

Many books are never finished because of the fear of never being able to get them published.

Fear can kill your freelancing career if left unchecked!

Did you know there are some safeguards you can put into place to help you start a freelancing business that won’t fail?

This can also apply to starting a blog!

Deciding on a business name and knowing your purpose is, I believe, foundational to launching a successful business.

The steps outlined below are safeguards that I’ve implemented when launching my freelance writing business and blog.

1. Kill Comparison

It’s so easy for me to compare my writing and blog to other writers and bloggers.

You must kill comparison before it has any chance of creeping in.

Why? It causes you to focus on other people and miss what you’re doing.

The result: your blog or business will fail!

You can’t expect something to grow if you are constantly comparing it to something else.

For years, every blog I started failed because I would begin with excitement only to have nothing to do with the blog within a week because I had begun comparing my blog to other more “successful” bloggers.

And what’s crazy is most of the bloggers I compared myself to had been blogging for years before I started.

It only made sense their blogs were having the success they were having compared to my week-old blog with 3 to 5 blog posts published compared to their hundreds of published blog posts.

Not only did they have more blog posts published they had way more pages indexed by Google, which meant more traffic and more traffic meant more money.

But the comparison trap doesn’t see it that way. Comparison sees only what’s on the surface.

Their blog or business looks better, they write better, they have a more engaged audience or more sales, etc…comparison will rob you of any and all joy of running your freelancing business!

So, kill comparison as soon as you begin finding yourself doing it!

2. Show Up and Put in the Work

The fastest way for any freelancing business to fail is to stop showing up and putting in the work to make it successful!

I can’t expect my blog,, to grow and be successful if I’m not willing to do the work it takes and show up consistently to put in the work.

Success is hardly ever an easy path.

It usually takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

Okay, maybe not blood but you get the idea!

If you want to start a freelancing career that won’t fail then you need to be willing to put in the time and effort to make it work.

That’s what I’ve been learning with my freelance writing business.

I can’t expect my career to flourish if I’m just sitting around being lazy and not trying everything I can to succeed.

I must continually learn, grow, and be challenged to get better, grow, and reach more people!

So, today make the choice to show up and put in the work.

And then do it again tomorrow and the day after.

And a year from now watch how far you’ve come!

3. Be Original

This blog post is all about answering the question: What Are the Steps to Start a Freelancing Career? This last step is probably one of the most important!

Be original. Another way to put it: Be You!

Nobody likes an imposter or a copycat.

As a freelancer, I cannot start a freelancing career and copy every other freelancer out there.

What works for some doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for everyone!

Some things do work, but if you want your freelancing career to stand out compared to the thousands of others out there you can’t expect clients to run to you if you are simply copying your neighbor down the road.

Be original. Be you.

What makes YOU different?

What makes YOUR freelancing career different or better than the rest?

When I pitch a client for a writing job, I must be myself.

If I copy other freelancers who also put in a bid how can I expect mine to stand out?

People appreciate originality.

Closing: Don’t Hesitate, Take the First Step Today

I hope these steps help you not only start your freelancing career but also give you some pointers on how to find success!

The road to success may look different for you than it does for me, but many of the steps to get there are the same. The paths just might look slightly different.

If you are on the fence about starting your freelancing business, buy the domain today.

Lock it in.

And hit the ground running!

The world needs what you have to offer!

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