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What Are the Top Remote Marketing Jobs That Pay Well?

With changes in the workforce from a global pandemic, companies in every industry have had to respond and adapt to the increase in demand for remote work options.

While we might not have to social distance as much these days, many employees aren’t willing to return to the office for day to day work that can be performed from home.

What Are the Best Facebook Networking Tips to Gain Clients?

Are you dying to get clients to your freelancing business?

It’s one thing to create a website, list your services and have a killer portfolio, but it’s a whole different ball game to get people to your site.

How Do You Successfully Market Yourself as a Freelancer?

As a new freelancer, the key to landing clients is to network and self-promote.

While this might seem intimidating, the internet has made it a lot easier than it used to be.

What Content Optimization Strategies Can Freelancers Use to Boost Engagement on Social Media?

Social media marketing is an ever-growing, ever-evolving sector.

Luckily, there are a number of proven content optimization strategies that can help your freelance business thrive on social media regardless of the latest algorithms.

What Type of Clients Offer Consistent Freelance Work?

Freelancing can often feel like it’s either an endless fountain of work or a dry desert without a sign pointing to where the next project lays.

When you’re building up a portfolio, this uncertainty can become maddening. Even the most seasoned freelancers can get stressed from this up and down trajectory.

How Do You Start Selling a Service the Right Way?

Working from home, setting your own schedule, determining your own prices – it all sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Well, it really is!

However, to make money as a freelancer, you have to know how to sell your services.

Freelancing in 2022: What Will Happen?

It’s no doubt that freelancing has drastically grown in popularity over the last few years, especially since so many companies have moved to working remotely.

If you haven’t started freelancing yet and wondering if it is still a viable option, then keep reading (and don’t forget to share your comments at the end).

While many years ago people either held a full time job OR freelanced, there is a good portion of the American workforce, as well as internationally, that are currently doing both.

How Can You Build Backlinks in 2022 (As A Freelancer)?

As a freelancer with a newly fresh client, one of the things your new client may ask is to help their business rank better in Google.

But, ranking highly in search engine results is based on several factors.