How Do I Use a Letter of Introduction and Query Letter?

As a fresh freelance writer, you’ll often hear (read) the phrases “pitch a query letter” or “submit an LOI.”

These new terms are usually in the wealth of how to articles out there, and you might come to think that the terms query letter and letter of introduction (that’s what LOI stands for, by the way) are synonymous to each other—even synonymous in the way that you don’t know what they mean.

Just to be clear, these two don’t always mean the same thing.

How Can a Freelance Writer Self-Edit Their Own Work?

There is a good reason why the editor outranks the writer.

While it is the writer who does the heavy labor of coming up with a topic, researching and writing the first draft, it is the editor’s job to make sure that it’s readable, relevant to the target audience and flawless for dissemination.

What Are the Best Sites for Freelance Writers to Display their Work?

A recent web conference left me with this valuable lesson: “A writer without their own website is like a vendor without his own stall.”

As a previous post has discussed, your website and your online portfolio of your work are not only your base of operations, but also the place where potential clients will come find you and check your work to see if you’re worth hiring.