Are You Ready to Start Outsourcing as a Freelance Writer?

Did you realize how much time your freelance business would take up beforehand?

I’m guessing you probably tallied up the number of hours you’d have available to spend on doing your core business, whatever that may be.

What Exercises Can I Do to Become a Better Writer?

Have you looked back at an article or blog you wrote as a freelance writer and cringed? I know I have, and I still do. Sometimes the issue is punctuation then I realize my flow is off or the wording is awkward. Writing can be a difficult skill to master. Fortunately you can always become a better writer.


How Can I Use SEO For My Freelance Writer Site?

You start to freelance and you are inundated with information; so much to learn and so much to take action on, especially that SEO business. And branding. And connecting. And links. And…so little time.

And it all starts with your freelance writer website. How can you optimize your site so that prospects can start finding you?

Here’s an initial SEO guide to get your started.

How Do I Manage My Time as a Freelance Writer?

Chances are you are combining your freelance writing life with at least two other time consuming activities – either another (full time) job or kids.

And, as both of those take up a good chunk of your time, you are constantly struggling to get everything done, right? At least that is what my life looks like.

Even if you do not have to work around these issues, trying to write your posts, doing your accounting work, finding new writing clients, keeping your writer website up to date, and so on, your time is a fickle and oh so fleeting.

Are There Any Good Writing and Editing Apps for Freelance Writers?

As a freelance writer your phone is probably the most useful and effective accessory you have. You bring it everywhere you go and it can help you with your writing business by: