How Do I Recognize and Avoid the Pitfalls of Overworking As a Freelancer?

Many people dream of working as a freelancer due to the perks that come along with the job.

You get to set your hours, select clients based on pay, and you likely get to work from the comfort of your own home.

Those are all great perks; you can have everything you dream of if you do it right.

Can ChatGPT Be Your Developmental Editor?

Artificial intelligence has been the focus of the horror genre for decades.

Classics like “Chucky” help us imagine what life would be like if our toys suddenly gained artificial sentience.

How Can Freelancers Carve Out a Nook for Writing?

Whether it’s writer’s block creeping up on you, being overwhelmed with client work, or another content writing-based challenge, you’ve got to continuously get over these humps to make a real living.

It’s much easier to do so when you have a space in your home that transports you into your zone. You have everything you need, organized and ready to go in a space that inspires your best work.

What Are the Unconventional Tactics to Boost Freelancer Productivity?

The flexibility and freedom you get as a freelancer are unmatched.

At the same time, that flexibility and freedom can make it difficult to be highly productive.

You have your main priority projects for the day.

How Can I Pace Myself As a Freelancer?

One of the perks of freelancing is that you can take on as much and whatever kind of work you want.

You’re in control of your schedule and can push yourself however hard you want to.

How Do I Launch a Freelance Career in Writing?

Freelancing is extremely popular amongst writers and content creators.

Today, there are 73.3 million freelancers in the U.S. alone as many have turned to the gig economy in search of creative freedom, reduced work hours, and increased flexibility.

As a writer, going freelance can be deeply rewarding, too.

What Surprising Factors Impact a Freelancer’s Career Success?

Going freelance is an exciting, rewarding way to earn a living.

You can use your skills to land lucrative clients and get to be your own boss while working in a field that suits your strengths.

However, finding success as a freelancer can be tricky.

How Can You Master the Freelance Journey for Success?

Freelancing is becoming more common and popular than ever. According to estimates based on a McKinsey survey, there are roughly 58 million people in the gig economy in the U.S..

That number has grown in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, changes in the economy, and advancements in technology.

While we’re entering a post-pandemic world, the gig economy continues to grow and more people are embracing and enjoying the benefits that come from freelancing.