What is an LOI? How Can You Use One to Cold Pitch Successfully?

If you’re a seasoned freelance writer or even a newbie in the industry, you’ve heard of “cold pitching.”

In order to land clients, in order to market yourself within your niche (or explore other niches) you need to reach out to companies that you wish to work with.

Using an LOI, or a Letter of Introduction is a great way to land a potential client.

How Can I Turn My Hobby Into a Successful Freelance Job?

Freelance careers aren’t “get rich overnight” schemes.

Freelance jobs require the same, if not more effort in maintaining and succeeding.

But, with a freelance career, you’re open to endless opportunities.

How Do I Become an Engaging and Credible Writer?

Have you ever come across an article you loved?

What about a book that you just couldn’t put down?