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Where Do I Find Images for My Freelance Writing Clients?

As a freelance writer, it’s our job to convey to prospects and clients the value of strategic digital marketing.

To put it more simply, many businesses aren’t savvy to online marketing tactics like social media or content promotion.

So, to make sure we become an integral part in their marketing plan, it’s best to have some tricks up our sleeves as a way to stand out from other freelance writers.

How Do I Manage My Time as a Freelance Writer?

Chances are you are combining your freelance writing life with at least two other time consuming activities – either another (full time) job or kids.

And, as both of those take up a good chunk of your time, you are constantly struggling to get everything done, right? At least that is what my life looks like.

Even if you do not have to work around these issues, trying to write your posts, doing your accounting work, finding new writing clients, keeping your writer website up to date, and so on, your time is a fickle and oh so fleeting.

What Should I Do if I’m Going to Miss a Writing Deadline?

So, you’ve been working on a writing task for a client, not everything has gone to plan and now you’ve come to the heart-sinking realization that you’re going to miss the deadline.

Maybe you misjudged the scope of the project? Perhaps you had a family emergency and had to leave town for a couple of days? Or, it might be that you simply over-stuffed your schedule with writing assignments because you were so eager for paid work?

Does a Freelance Writer Need a Contract For Every Client?

When most freelance writers get started, they don’t often think about the legal side of things. Well, at least I know I didn’t.

What Do I Do When My Writing Has Been Stolen?

As writers in this electronic environment, we run the risk of our words being republished without our permission and/or passed off as the work of someone else. The benefit of our environment, though, is that there are targeted ways of fighting back.

If your blogs are ever re-blogged elsewhere without your permission or your writing has been stolen and republished online otherwise, there are a few steps you can take without things getting too crazy.

Do I Need a Blog as a Freelance Writer?

I’m going to be dead honest with you. Running a blog is tough work. Sometimes I ask myself why I ever started a blog.

Yet when you’re just dipping your feet in the water, it seems like every freelance writer has a blog and that it’s some sort of “right of passage” or the only way to land clients.

That’s simply not true.

Why Are My Guest Posts Getting Turned Down?

Imagine a stranger approaches you with a smile, extends his hand, and says, “Hi, Sir. Want to date?”

Nevermind the fact that you’re actually a ma’am, thank you very much.

Although the stranger seems nice, you’d probably eye him suspiciously, say no, and run away, right?

What Do I Do When a Client Asks Me to Write My Own Testimonial?

Client: You did an excellent job. Thanks for your immense dedication.

Writer: Glad to be of help.

Client: I’ve another project that I plan to start in a few days, let’s discuss it as soon as I get free.