How Do I Submit My Work As a Freelance Writer?

You just landed your first freelance writing client. Fist-pump!

You’re excited and can’t believe someone will actually pay you to write. You can finally call yourself a freelance writer. But, with that excitement comes some apprehension.

How Do I Promote Myself as a Freelance Writer?

Are you pitching like mad and seeing no success? You don’t get it, because you check the job boards constantly, hustle day and night and want to get paid for your writing.

As a new freelance writer, you may think all you need to “make it” are good writing skills and a knack for researching any topic, but you’re missing one important part to making a living from writing.

How Do You Write a Magnetic Author Bio?

It finally happened:

You landed a guest post on a very popular website. You don’t want to screw this up, so you take the next week to fine tune your piece.

You research extensively, make sure to link back to other popular posts on the blog and spend hours crafting the perfect headline.

How Do I Attract My Ideal Freelance Writing Client?

Are you stuck writing for pennies?

Writing $5 articles won’t get you far in your freelance writing career. Not only are you pumping out fluff articles by the dozen, but it isn’t enough to pay your bills and you’re probably working non-stop unable to enjoy what you’re doing.

Freelance writing can be a very lucrative career. But, do you feel you keep landing the wrong clients and don’t know why?

Where Do I Find Images for My Freelance Writing Clients?

As a freelance writer, it’s our job to convey to prospects and clients the value of strategic digital marketing.

To put it more simply, many businesses aren’t savvy to online marketing tactics like social media or content promotion.

So, to make sure we become an integral part in their marketing plan, it’s best to have some tricks up our sleeves as a way to stand out from other freelance writers.

What Questions Does A Freelance Writer Ask During a Client Interview?

One of the first things a freelance writer encounters is the client interview.

This is the time when you get a better understanding of who the client is, what their content needs are and whether or not they would be a good fit for your budding writing business.

You know how important the interview is and I’m sure you’ve spent time researching the client’s business and gathered as much information as possible. But, when it comes time to Skype or jump on Google Hangouts, everything you learned about  the client over the previous days, flies out the window.

How Do You Write a Pitch Letter (That’s a Home Run)?

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to pitching job ads?

You go to a job board like ProBlogger, read an ad wanting a health writer that understands the Paleo lifestyle and decide you are going to apply.

You spend a few minutes writing your pitch letter, gathering some great sample posts to link to and hit send.

How Do I Make More Money As A Freelance Writer?

Have you been struggling lately with covering your expenses while still trying to make it as a freelance writer?

Do you sometimes feel you have nothing to show for it even though you spend hours upon hours writing?

Maybe it’s time to make more money writing. Certainly, being your own boss has it’s perks, right? You control your rates knowing there’s essentially no end to how much money you can make.