How Do I Sell Myself as a Freelancer on My About Page?

When it comes to selling yourself on your writer website, your About page is one of the most important pages to get right. It’s one of the most visited pages on the average website but unfortunately, it’s also one of the pages that many freelance writers sell themselves short on. Write for Your Clients, Not About Yourself One of the biggest … Read more


Is Comparison Sabotaging Your Freelance Writing Business?

Admit it. You’ve stumbled upon another freelancer’s writer site and felt a little intimidated by the snazzy design, top-notch client testimonials, and impressive accomplishments. Don’t feel ashamed. I’ve been there. I nearly tripped and disappeared into the black hole of comparison sabotage while transitioning my personal blog into one … Read more


Starting a Freelance Business? Three Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Freelancing

Hindsight is 20/20 they say. Experience comes with time. We make mistakes, we learn, and hopefully, we do better next time. Stepping out to run a freelance business is going to take some trial and error. Just about all freelancers can list the mistakes they made when first starting out. Even though I’m three years into freelancing, I still feel … Read more


Freelancers: Do You Know Your Legal Rights If a Client Doesn’t Pay?

Freelancing offers more freedom than the usual 9-5 office job, but with this freedom comes the challenge of chasing invoices instead of just collecting a pay check at the end of the month. When handling your own invoices, there’s also the possibility that the client will simply refuse to pay. It's unfortunate, but it happens. This can happen … Read more


Can I Find High-Paying Work on Upwork? Part 2: An Interview with Freelancer Diana Marinova

This is the second of a two-part series where I chat to two freelancers who have had great success on Upwork - the largest online freelance marketplace. In Part One, Danny Margulies gave some useful techniques and tips, especially for newbies wondering how to break through and start landing clients (like his Crystal Ball Technique). Curious? … Read more


How Can a Freelancer be Productive During Slow Periods?

When a slow period happens, you often don’t see it coming. Everything is going great, the money is flowing, and you’re swamped with projects. Then, without warning, your freelance project to-do-list is so empty that you can practically hear the crickets. Sound familiar? When a slow period happens to a freelancer they often don’t see it … Read more


Do I Need to Be a Good Writer to Be a Freelance Writer?

What is writing? According to Wikipedia, writing is a medium of human communication that represents language and emotion through the inscription or recording of signs and symbols. If you can do this well, there are people who will pay you for it, since not everyone can or even wants to write. You don't need to be JK Rowling in order to make … Read more


How Come I’m Not Landing Any Freelance Jobs?

You don't seem to get it. You went through the preliminary steps to get your freelance writing business off on the right foot. Many freelance writers fail within the first year. You set up a writer website and even guest posted to help build your portfolio. You scoured the net for freelance writing jobs and started pitching your little heart … Read more