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How Do You Create a Time Blocking Template for Freelancing?

I know you.

You’re a hustler.

You’re out there pounding the pavement every day – cold pitching, networking, and plugging away at a handful of client projects while simultaneously wearing five different hats at home.

Is Being A Freelance Coder in 2022 Worth It?

The answer is yes.

If you enjoy coding and creating applications.

Trouble Focusing? How To Avoid Distractions as a Freelancer

Do you have trouble focusing on your work because you constantly get distracted by various factors?

As a result, everything you work on takes much longer than you planned.

How Do You Have a Good Day at Work With an Autoimmune Illness?

Is your autoimmune illness the biggest barrier in your freelance business?

Do you feel it’s a malicious bully that strangles your efforts to have a good day at work?

Why does it have to attack so viciously now that it is impossible to return to the traditional workplace?

How Do I Get My First Client?

Getting started on the road to freelance success is not easy.

So many people are leaving the 9-5 life in favor of being their own boss.

And while this can be freeing, the rush to join the gig economy makes your ability to land that next freelance job quite challenging.

How Do I Work on My Passion Project While Still Freelancing?

People get into freelancing for different reasons.

Some enjoy the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere while traveling.

Others like setting their own schedules and making more time to spend with their children.

And then there are those independent workers who see freelancing as a way to support themselves while pursuing a long-term passion project.

How Do You Stay Motivated During Tough Times?

Freelancing always seems to come with its share of motivational highs and lows.

You finish a project and get paid – motivational high!

Freelancing always seems to come with its share of motivational highs and lows.

You make a mistake and are ready to throw in the towel – motivational low.

Land a new client – high! It’s a motivational roller-coaster that sometimes gets harder when a tough time occurs.

What If I Hate My Boss? What to Do When Quitting Isn’t an Option Yet

How often during your workday do you find yourself saying, “I hate my boss”?

If it’s a lot, you’re not alone.

In 2018, the popular job site conducted a poll of people who were seeking new jobs.