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How Do Freelancers Have Work and Life Balance?

What does work and life balance look like for freelancers?

If what comes to mind is spending a few hours typing brilliant blog posts or creating a clients’ websites and then spending the rest of their day on the beach then you’re wrong.

How Do I Eliminate Distractions While Freelancing?

When you’re a freelancer, staying focused and on-task is key.

You have to eliminate distractions so you can work.

What are the Barriers to Mental Health as a Freelancer?

Have you ever worked in an office environment?

If you have, then you know that the constant meetings, team-building exercises, and office politics can wear you down over time and cause some serious mental health problems.

Throw an introverted personality into the mix, and those day-to-day interactions with clients and colleagues can feel downright oppressive.

How Can Freelancers Set Goals That They’ll Actually Accomplish?

As a writer who runs a freelancing business, I rely on goals to get things accomplished.

But not all goals are created equally. Believe it or not, it’s really easy to set wrong or ineffective goals for ourselves.

How do we tell the difference? How do we know what goals to set for maximum results?

How Can a Morning Routine Help Me Grow My Writing Business?

John C. Maxwell is one of the foremost writers on productivity and leadership in today’s modern era.

In 2014 he was named “#1 leadership expert in the world” by Inc. Magazine.

He’s also spoken and interviewed with hundreds of top performers and discovered a game-changing secret; they’ve all built solid morning routines that help them start the day right.

What’s the Secret to Earning Your Worth as a Freelance Writer?

You need to show prospects your value if you want to earn your worth as a freelance writer.

There — I said it.

You will earn your worth as a writer and make a living from this if you can show it.

How Do I Jumpstart My Freelance Career?

So, one thing you might be thinking is, how do I jumpstart my freelance career?

This is a common question to have on your mind when you go to set out on your own.

Are You Struggling to Actually Launch Your Freelance Writing Career?

When I was finally forced into fully focusing on my freelance writing career because my salaried job was eliminated in a corporate restructuring, I couldn’t launch my website for over three weeks because I am a perfectionist.

Perfectionism can really hamper your ability to even get started with your freelance writing business.