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What are the Best Accounting Software for Freelancers?

When it comes to freelancing, the more you can streamline and automate, the better.

When you first dreamed of being a freelancer, what came to mind?

How Can Collaborating With Other Freelancers Help You Grow?

Collaborating can be one of the most exciting, rewarding, and fun activities you engage in during your professional life.

Many people choose freelancing because it gives them a certain amount of autonomy.

How Do You Make Money As an Artist?

Long gone are the days of the “starving artist” and struggling to know how to make money with your art.

With the internet providing so many possibilities when it comes to marketing a skill and making money from it, artists can profit just as much from the opportunity as other freelancers.

Therefore, if you are someone whose passion lies in visual creation, a.k.a. an artist, there is no reason you can’t channel your creativity into an income!

Fiverr vs Upwork: Is One Better for Freelancers in 2021?

With so many choices of where to find freelancing work, it can be difficult to choose which platform you should dedicate your time to.

I know I have my favorites but not every platform out there is suitable to every freelancer – and not every freelance has the time to play around with what’s available to see what works.

Past Due Invoice – What Do You Do to Get Paid?

It’s bound to happen at one point or another…

If you have any kind of freelance clients that don’t pay you in advance of your services, you are going to run into a time where your invoices go unpaid and your clients end up with past due invoices or, worse yet, not paying you at all.

How Can a Freelancer Create Customer Service Guidelines to Keep Clients Happy?

Freelance work can be some of the most rewarding and the most challenging work out there.

You can be everywhere and nowhere — your work is defined by the job at hand, whether it’s a project that will take months to complete or just a couple of hours.

You aren’t defined by one single company, nor do the intricacies of day-to-day office life consume your time.

Will the PRO Act Hurt Freelancers?

As a freelancer, you may have heard rumblings about the PRO Act recently. If so, you probably know that many freelancers see it as a threat to their livelihoods.

If you’re unsure what I’m talking about, it’s time to change that. It’s crucial that you understand the PRO Act and its potential consequences on freelancers across the nation.

But that may be easier said than done.

How Do You Negotiate and Meet Deadlines as a Freelancer?


You, who was a beginner at freelancing not so long ago, have heard back from a prospective client and they liked your proposal.

Now, you are in that stage where you need to communicate about deadlines, the scope of work, and client requirements.