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What Do Freelancers Do With Extra Money?

Remote freelancing has seen a lot of new life lately.

It’s an area that’s grown in popularity over the last few years thanks to changing technology and has left many freelancers with the idea of what to do with money they earn from their business.

What Financial Tips Should I Know to Be a Frugal Freelancer?

Freelancing is often touted as an incredible lifestyle replete with luxury schedules, work-from-home options, and the ability to have a greater sense of control over your career.

What Types of Income Can A Freelancer Have?

Thinking about being a freelancer?

With everything happening with businesses coming online, working from home is something that is changing the landscape as a worker. More people are working from home and looking at ways to make money and a great way to do this is as a freelancer.

What Are the Best Gifts for Creative People? 33 Amazing Creative Gift Ideas

Does your social circle have creative people? You know the type: free-spirited, freelancers, nomad living, travel-loving people?

From funky jewelry to everything Bob Ross themed, these gifts cover the gamut of self-expression, gifts to get them trying something new, budget-friendly, ones to splurge on, and of course personalized and practical gift ideas for the creative souls and artsy people on your holiday list.

What Are the Best Client Gifts Freelancers Should Give?

While it’s getting close to the holiday season, you might have a lot of people on your list to get gifts for. Your kids, parents, friends, family, teachers, service workers, but what about your clients?

What Does It Take to Earn Your First $1k As a Freelance Writer?

It is no secret – you are super creative and want to start your online writing biz.

And like many other newbies, the big question is, what does it take to earn your first $1k as a freelancer?

Is there a secret book you need to make the first one thousand dollars as a beginner?

To be honest, we all have financial goals as freelancers.

How Can I Be a More Frugal Freelancer?

Do you feel anxious when work is slow and bills are flying in fast?

Every freelancer knows the feeling. In the freelance world, nothing is certain.

A client may suddenly drop you, leaving a gaping hole in your income.

How Do I Manage My Money as a Freelancer?

Being a freelancer can be a gratifying job experience—being able to dictate your own hours, cherry picking the clients and projects you prefer to work on, or simply enjoying a higher income than traditional office jobs in your industry.