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What Are the Mistakes Bad Websites Have That You Need to Avoid? (Bad Website Mistakes)

At last, your website is ready and you are super excited.

This is a dream come true because with a website, you know you can now take your freelance business to a higher level.

What Aspects of Health are Freelancers Overlooking?

Many people make it a goal to become a full-time freelancer due to the many perks, including a flexible schedule, freedom to do what you love, and the opportunity to work from anywhere.

It is a very rewarding prospect, but you must also be careful or you could put your body and mind in potential jeopardy.

Want to Become a B2B Writer? Here is all You Need to Get Started

Are you tired of writing for $6-$15 per hour and burning out frequently writing for content mills?

Let’s face it…

Can I Have a New Career at 50? Freelancing as a Senior

At the mention of freelancing or working from home, thoughts of young people come to mind, right?

Not so true because according to available data, a good number of freelancers are over 50 and are seniors.

Some of them are retired from their jobs while others decide to have a new career at 50.

How Can You Set Boundaries at Work When Freelancing as a Parent?

If you ever thought of freelancing on the side as a mom or dad, you might have different reasons to start.

For a lot of parents, the primary one is the potential for flexibility.

What Are the Best Laptops for Graphic Designers?

No matter what freelancing niche you’re starting out in, we all get our foot through the door with the bare minimum when it comes to equipment.

For writers, that can be as little as a computer and an internet connection.

How Do You Find Clients Online?

Are you ready to make your living as a freelancer?

You have the skills and the passion – now you just need clients so you can make money!

How Do You Start Video Scriptwriting as a Beginner?

Most freelance writers have heard of video script writing in more than one ‘how to pick your niche’ guide when starting their career.

You might’ve heard of video scriptwriting being a high-paying niche.