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Is Becoming a Freelancing WAHM Right for You?

So you’re interested in becoming a freelancing WAHM?

And you’ve been deep diving into all the benefits that freelancing has to offer:

Is Becoming a Freelancing WAHM Right for You?

Freedom, flexible schedule, self-management, no commute, the ability to choose your clients and rates…. The list goes on!

You can do a quick google search and access all the wonderful parts of being a freelancer.

But where’s the transparency in the day to day struggles freelancing WAHM’s face?

Well, I’m here to shed some light on those real and raw truths of WAHM life.  

Friends & Family Don’t Think a Freelancing WAHM is a “Real” Job

There is often a stigma attached to freelancing and other types of nontraditional work that leads people to believe it’s not a, “real job.”

It’s inevitable that you will encounter overly critical people who think you’re, “in between jobs,” or that this, “whole freelancing WAHM gig,” must just be a, “hobby.

You’ll also find that some simply just don’t understand the freelancing world

They can’t wrap their head around the fact that freelancing is an actual business, and not just something you settled for because you weren’t capable of finding work elsewhere. 

And we already know that when people don’t understand how something works, they have a tendency to write it off. 

The good news is, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about your freelancing journey!

After all, it’s yours. And you have the ability to earn more than you would at a traditional writing job-  from home!

So, don’t lose sight of that in the midst of everyone else’s opinions. 

People Assume “Making Your Own Schedule” Means You Can be Their Emergency Sitter

When you tell people you are a work at home mom, sometimes it seems as though the only thing they hear is, “at home.

They think their job is more important than yours, because they have a boss to answer to, which means you should be able to help them out, right?

Before you know it, your sister is calling, because your niece is sick and daycare won’t let her come back until she is fever free for 24 hours.

Or your mom really needs someone to take her dog, Bandit, to the vet.

And she’s already used up all her personal days. 

But you can take care of it, right? After all, you “work from home” so can’t you just choose to take the day off? 

It’s so important to set clear boundaries and learn to say “no” when choosing the freelancing WAHM path.

If not, you’ll find yourself trying to maintain your own freelancing career amidst being everyone else’s personal assistant, and you’ll only set yourself up for failure.  


Freelancing as a WAHM can be both rewarding and overwhelming. 

Freelancing provides the flexibility of working from anywhere.

However, the lack of clear separation of business and personal life can lead to stress and overwhelm. 

I recommend simplifying mom life as much as possible to make room for this new endeavor as a freelancing WAHM. 

If you neglect putting systems in place, you’re only doing  yourself a disservice as a WAHM. 

Little to No Alone Time

As a work from home mom, it can be difficult to find quiet time.

This can be especially difficult for the mom caring for young children needing constant supervision. 

As work at home moms, we rarely have silent retreats. 

And if we aren’t intentional in our pursuit for solitude, we are at risk for overwhelm and over-stimulation. 

I find time blocking works really well on my work day.

And nap time/quiet time for my little ones is an absolute must. It gives me the opportunity to recharge, so I can be better for my family and my business. 

Inconsistent Income

Inconsistent income is one of the challenges that comes with being a freelance writer. We often negotiate rates and fees on a project-by-project basis.

Our income can vary from month to month, making it difficult to plan financially. 

As a freelancing WAHM, don’t sell yourself short.

Negotiate rates that are fair and reasonable for your skills and experience, and make your efforts count. 

Then put strategies in place to help you manage your earnings such as: creating a budget, keeping track of your finances, saving for taxes, putting an emergency fund aside, etc. 

Mom Guilt as a Freelancing WAHM

The sense of guilt I feel for not giving my children every ounce of my attention throughout the day is something I have struggled with. 

Trying to balance work life and family life leaves me feeling like I’m not being my best self in either role some days. 

It’s important to remind yourself of your “why” (why you decided to start this journey) and how freelancing gives you the opportunity to be home with them, when you wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Staying Focused

At a traditional job, you probably wouldn’t be able to do your job effectively if there was a whiny toddler tugging at your leg?

But, chances are, it’s going to happen more often than not when working from home.  

Without the structure and routine of a typical office environment, it can be more difficult to stay motivated and focused. 

Schedule your work around same time every day, and do your best to stick to it. Scrambling around daily in search of a good time to begin only counteracts your productivity. 

Routine helps keep you grounded, so create a rhythm/routine that works for you

Not Taking Time to Care for Yourself

As a work from home mom, it can become so easy to put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own.

But it’s so important to remember that taking care of yourself is essential for your overall well-being.

After all, how are we supposed to take care of  our family and our business if we aren’t properly caring for ourselves?

Prioritize the following: 

  • Don’t skip meals.
  • Find time for exercise and physical activity.
  • Engage in activities that promote joy and relaxation.
  • Take a break (Rest is productive). 

Protecting your mental health as a freelancer is a priority, and should never be neglected.

Isolation as a Freelancing WAHM

It can be challenging to balance the demands of work and family as a freelancing WAHM, making it difficult to find time for social interaction.

And since we work remotely, we lack the support of a boss or colleagues.

Chances are, you probably don’t know any other freelancing WAHM’s on a personal level.

And I encourage you to find quality connections and build community in the freelancing world, as well as community in motherhood

There are some amazing Facebook Groups for freelance writers you could join to build professional and personal connections on your freelancing journey.

In Conclusion.

Ultimately, Freelancing can be such a rewarding experience

Not only has it provided me with a sense of autonomy, but I’m getting paid to write about topics I’m passionate about, while connecting with a wide variety of clients and publications! 

And you, my friend, can absolutely do this! I’m rooting for you. 

Kacie Barlow is a Motherhood/Parenting + Lifestyle Blogger & Freelance Writer for hire. As a mother of 4 boys, special needs mom, and a mental health nurse-turned-writer, Kacie has a passion for helping other moms simplify life, build community, and optimize mental health in their motherhood journey.

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