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What is the One Thing that’s Stopping Your Freelance Business?

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a freelancer but still never taken the leap, it’s time to get honest with yourself about why. If you really get to the core of why it still remains only a dream, you’ll find that the reason is simple –

It’s FEAR.

Sure you can rationalize it and create reasons.

How Can I Display My Freelance Writing Portfolio?

As a freelancer, you know that having a portfolio is crucial for getting work.

Beginners may be able to skate by without one, but when you’re ready to get serious about professional freelancing, you need an online portfolio that will showcase the best of your work so you can attract and impress higher-paying clients.

What Terms Should I Know as a Freelance Writer?

With so much technical jargon in the copywriting community, new freelancers can end up feeling overwhelmed by unfamiliar terms they come across when receiving assignments.

I know when I first started as a freelance writer, I wasn’t fully prepared for the learning curve that came with having to know a whole new vocabulary – and there is a lot of new vocabulary!

How Do I Set My Freelance Writing Rate?

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You’ve just decided to start freelancing and can’t wait to get started.

You’re setting up your website, updating your social media profiles, and looking for freelance writing work left, right, and center.

How Can I Do It All as A WAHM Freelance Writer?

Did SAHM, SAHD, WAHM, WAHD and the rest of these crazy acronyms confuse you before you became a parent too?

Maybe you still don’t know what they mean. Let me break them down for you:

How Do I Tell a Bad Freelance Writing Client from a Good One?

I’m sure anyone who’s worked as a freelance writer for any length of time has had “bad” clients, right?

Even if you are new to freelancing you may have run across a few.

You know the ones: the scope creeper that keeps piling on the work. Or, how about the dodger that never answers your email and you have to constantly nag them to pay you?

What is SEO, and Why Does it Matter for Writers?

When I broke into freelance writing, I was oblivious to all the technical jargon that exists in this industry. Between having to learn copywriting terms like call to action, branding, byline, and evergreen, there was this seemingly negligible acronym that kept cropping up: SEO.

How Do I Find My Niche as a Freelance Writer?

When you’re starting off as a freelance writer, it isn’t advisable to just dive into the game thinking you can write about anything and everything; that’s a surefire way to get overwhelmed and confused.