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How Can International Writers Break into Freelance Writing?

Freelancing has taken off in a big way in the last few years and it is predicted that by 2020 more than 40% of the US workforce will consist of part-time or freelance workers.

Certainly, the US (and to some extent the UK as well) dominates the freelance industry and making a success of a freelance writing career is much easier if you are based in the US or UK.

For the rest of us international writers, it’s a lot more challenging. We face challenges US and UK-based writers do not have to contend with.

How Do I Ask for a Testimonial from a Client?

As you learn more and more about being a successful freelance writer, you may come across advice about displaying your client testimonials. They’re labeled as “important” for your business, but how do you actually get them? And why are they so important in the first place?

The Importance of Testimonials

Client testimonials are important for a host of reasons. Most of these reasons boil down to things like “marketing.” Here’s what that looks like –

What If I Don’t Want to Write for Publications?

So you don’t want to spend hours upon hours drafting up query letters, pouring your heart and soul into a relatively short email, just for an editor of a publication to turn you down, or worse – not even give you the time of day.

I’ve been there and, after being ignored over and over again, I decided I needed to make a change.

I didn’t even want to write for magazines, so what was I doing pitching to them? I set out to research what my other opportunities were as a freelance writer if I didn’t want to write for publications.

What is a Letter of Introduction and How Do I Write One?

You read different freelance writing sites hoping to get the scoop on becoming a freelance writer.

But, after reading a couple posts, you come across terms you don’t know or never heard of. Clips? B2B? LOI?

You decide this is too much and give up before really giving freelance writing a shot. Well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen to you! There are many things to learn as a new freelance writer and blogger and one of them is the Letter of Introduction.

How Do I Decide When Writing for Free is Worth It?

When is writing for free worth it for freelancers?

I’m not going to kid you, writing for free usually gets a bad press because nobody wants to give away a solid piece of writing without a tangible return. And sometimes, all the effort you put into your guest post, never gets picked up.

How Can I Find Clients on LinkedIn?

You hear it all the time:

Go where you’re target clients are.

This is the usual advice we hear from experts. But if you’re just starting your freelance writing career, it can be tricky to figure this out.

What Makes Good Author Headshots As a Professional Writer?

When you launched your freelance or author business, you put a lot of thought into it. You thoroughly considered what services you would offer, what domain name you would buy, and what courses you would invest money in to help launch your career.

But how much thought did you give on how to take a professional headshot as a professional author?

If the answer is “Not much,” it’s time to change that.

How Do I Use Guest Blogging to Land More Clients?

Are you tired of the feast and famine cycle?

Would you like to open up your email and see a subject line that says, “I want YOU to write for me, what do you charge?”

I bet you do!