How Do I Market My Freelance Writing Biz for Under $150 Per Year?

Are you on the “if you build it, they will come” team?

Do you believe that your incredible writing skills will market themselves without you putting in any effort?

How Do I Market My Freelance Writing Biz for Under $150 Per Year?

I don’t.

Find success by putting in effort rather than waiting for success to find you.

To some extent, it is possible to find success without much effort if you’ve met the right people at the right time. That said, the stars don’t necessarily align for everyone in that magical way.

More often than not, you’ll find success quicker by putting in some effort rather than waiting for success to find you.

But allow me to clarify – effort doesn’t necessarily mean money.

As a freelancer, especially a beginner freelancer on a budget, there are tons of creative ways to market your business without breaking the bank.

Besides the money you’ll need to spend creating your website, paying for web hosting services, domain name registration and a WordPress theme (all of which should total to under $150 per year), the rest of your core freelance marketing strategy can be done without forking over a dime.

Here’s how.

Use the Free Canva Membership for All of Your Graphic Design

When money is tight, avoid spending on things you can get for free – like fancy shmancy graphic design tools and stock imagery.

Canva is an amazing platform that allows you to create stunning imagery at no cost to you when you’re using their basic membership (which is all you really need anyway).

Take advantage of Canva’s exceptionally easy interface to create all of your imagery for your blogs, website, advertisements, and even your logo. Canva is a great alternative to other pricey tools that can easy drain the bank.

Network with Small Businesses and Other Freelancers

Buddy up with some awesome web designers and SEO companies.

Those people are building relationships on the daily with exactly the sort of people who can give you business. A company looking to create a new website might very well be looking to get some quality website or blog copy from an exceptional freelance writer like you.

When you team up with other businesses and freelancers, you’re setting yourself up for some super lucrative referrals. That’s free marketing.

How Do I Market My Freelance Writing Biz For Under $150 A Year?

Create an Affiliate Channel with Other Freelancers

Take networking one step further. In the same way that you can create an affiliate program for a product, you can do so for your services.

When other businesses and freelancers see the value in your services, they’ll recommend you to their friends, family, colleagues, and other prospective customers.

When referrals come through and you close some deals, thank the referrer with a percentage of your earnings. If they really value the work you do, they’ll feel inclined to continue recommending you to their networks.

Guest Post on Popular Websites Within Your Niche

What better way to market your writing services than with a stellar piece of writing published on a reputable website?

Guest posts are an incredible marketing tool – not only do they allow you to expand your portfolio, but they also expose you and your expertise to a brand new audience. All that exposure will do well to position you as an expert within our niche.

Pitch Yourself to Podcast Hosts

Podcasts are an incredible way to get your name out there.

Scout out podcasts that are related to freelancers, your industry and your niche and pitch them with something news worthy and valuable.

The worst that can happen is you’ll hear nothing back or you’ll get a few rejections. If that happens, no harm no foul. Just keep pitching because exposure from podcasts is just another free marketing technique to provide value to listeners and market yourself.


As a freelancer, the myriad of opportunities to market your business is endless. You can choose to spend your money on fancy tools and application subscriptions if that’s your thing, but spending money is certainly not necessary, especially while you’re in the beginning stages of your business.

Take the time and energy to map out your marketing plan, and try some of these techniques. You never know what sort of doors may open for you when you do!

What did I miss? Do you have any clever and free marketing approaches that work well for you? Share in the comments section below!

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