What If I Don’t Want to Write for Publications?

So you don’t want to spend hours upon hours drafting up query letters, pouring your heart and soul into a relatively short email, just for an editor of a publication to turn you down, or worse – not even give you the time of day.

I’ve been there and, after being ignored over and over again, I decided I needed to make a change.

What If I Don’t Want to Write for Publications?

I didn’t even want to write for magazines, so what was I doing pitching to them? I set out to research what my other opportunities were as a freelance writer if I didn’t want to write for publications.

I didn’t even want to write for magazines, so what was I doing pitching to them?

I joined some freelance writing sites, signed up for a handful of newsletters, and started doing my homework. I found that businesses would pay me to handle their writing jobs that they don’t have time for or don’t know how to do.

I became increasingly interested in business writing so I delved a bit deeper – where I hit the jackpot!

I decided that I wanted to write for Business-to-Business (B2B) companies. These companies sell to other businesses that are in need of their products and services.

The best part is, there are B2B companies for almost any type of niche imaginable. If you know where to look and learn how to write a killer Letter of Introduction (LOI), you could be making thousands of dollars per month.

Here are three things to look for when prospecting B2B companies.

Look Beyond Start-Ups

Always look for companies that bring in AT LEAST $1 Million in revenue each year. Companies that make at least that will be able to afford your professional rates.

While it might be fun to write for a start-up, these companies usually are on a tight budget and you might end up working more for less money.

Do Your Research

Do some research and find out what kinds of writing they are currently using, and which ones are missing, but could be beneficial to them.

Do they have white papers on their site? Does their blog need updating? Are their case studies current, or do they even use them?

There are several areas to look for when scoping out a business and the more information you have on their written marketing materials, the more you will stand out to them when you send your LOI.

Send Your LOI to the Right Person

Who is their marketing head? It is best to send your LOI to the Marketing Director or someone similar.

They will be the most helpful in responding to your inquiries and will probably be the ones that have the power to hire you. If you pursue smaller B2B companies that don’t have a marketing department, you should contact the owner.

Also, try your hardest to find direct email addresses, because sending your LOI through a general email form may just get your correspondence shuffled to File #9 (The trash can!).

If you don’t want to write for magazines or newspapers, and you like receiving professional rates for meaningful work, write for B2B companies.

Whether your niche is in healthcare, government, food, or technology, there is a B2B company that needs writing services. Remember, you started your freelance writing business because you were looking for something different and you love to write. Find the type of writing that you enjoy most and go for it. In this industry, the options are endless.

Tell us about your experience finding your niche.

Robbyn is a freelance writer for medical and healthcare B2B companies with over 7 years of experience in the healthcare and dental industries. She received her degree in Business from the University of Phoenix and has enjoyed being part of the writing world for over 16 years. She wears many hats including wine enthusiast, foodie, belly dancer, and child tamer.

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Great post, Robbyn! Getting into publications can be pretty tough, especially if you’re just starting out with no awesome portfolio or samples to show. I agree, there are many ways a freelance writer can make a living; especially considering that national publications are hard to break into, having a lot of options to build your portfolio and your confidence as a writer are a big help in succeeding in this line of work. 🙂Reply to Julienne
Robbyn Hodgs Hi Elna, Thanks for including my post! It’s important that freelancers know their options and don’t feel like they’re stuck with only one path. There are so many opportunities if we just take the time to look for them!Reply to Robbyn
Robbyn, Great post. I like how you give a step-by-step way to approach B2B companies. It is a lucrative niche and the industry is huge! Businesses need content that’s casual and conversational and that’s where we can step in! Thanks for the tips!Reply to Elna