Alicia Rades

What Makes a Good Freelance Writer Professional Headshot?

When you launched your freelance writing business, you put a lot of thought into it. You thoroughly considered what services you would offer, what domain name you would buy, and what courses you would invest money in to help launch your career. But how much thought did you give on how to take a professional headshot as a freelance writer? If the answer is “Not much,” it’s time to change that.

Julienne Roman

How Do I Use a Letter of Introduction and Query Letter?

As a fresh freelance writer, you’ll often hear (read) the phrases “pitch a query letter” or “submit an LOI.” These new terms are usually in the wealth of how to articles out there, and you might come to think that the terms query letter and letter of introduction (that’s what LOI stands for, by the way) are synonymous to each other—even synonymous in the way that you don’t know what they mean. Just to be