How Do I Land More Clients As a Freelancer?

As a freelancer, job boards can be frustrating. There are thousands of other aspiring freelancers watching the boards and applying to all the same jobs.

So, how do you land the freelance gigs if you are one in a thousand people applying?

How Do I Land More Clients As a Freelancer?

Learning how to network is a skill that will provide you with a lot higher return on your time invested in finding freelance jobs.

Learning how to network is a skill that will provide you with a lot higher return on your time invested in finding freelance jobs.

Networking seems like a stuffy business term, but all it means is meeting people, talking to them, and generally being a contact that pops up in their head when they hear someone needs a writer.

How Do I Get Started Networking?

Lucky for us, we live in an age where there are endless platforms for us to network on. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, and so many more.

Social media is a great place to start if you haven’t built the confidence to go out and talk to people face to face yet.

Networking can be as simple as talking to the person at the coffee shop you go to about what you do for a living.

Supporting local businesses and talking to the owners when you see them is a great way to start networking.

When you meet someone, go on their socials and start following them. Comment and engage with their content and share their posts.

Other businesses want to network as well, so the more people you meet that know what you are doing, the more little seeds you are planting.

Why Is Networking So Important?

When the time comes that someone needs a writer or graphic designer, you will be in the back of their mind.

If you’ve been networking with hundreds of people, then you can see how quickly those seeds can grow into money trees.

The idea is to be visible. By commenting, engaging, or frequenting their business, you are reminding them that you are still around.

If you’ve applied to a job and didn’t get it, don’t stop following them. Continue to build your portfolio and engage with their content.

The more engaged you are, the more likely you are to be on the top of their list next time they need a freelancer.

What If Others Don’t Want To Network With Me?

People like to make connections. They want to know and trust you before they refer to you.

If you have the option of referring business to someone you’ve met before and someone you don’t know anything about, you will always choose the person you met.

Other business owners love connecting because it works the same in reverse. If you go to the local restaurant and network with the owner, when someone asks you what’s the best restaurants in town, you will refer business to them.

Here are some ideas of where you can network in any town or city:

  • Coffee shops
  • Your local grocery store
  • Networking events
  • Anytime you go to participate in an activity
  • Going kayaking? Strike up a conversation with the employees or owner
  • Going to a party? Chat up strangers and ask what they do, then connect on their socials right then and there
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • On their blog – comment and share their stuff on your socials
  • Write about them on your blog and send them the link

Challenge yourself to do this. Each time you go to a restaurant, a coffee shop, or even the library this week, strike up a conversation about anything.

How Can I Start a Conversation When I’m So Nervous

Try to use open-ended questions. This type of question forces them to chat with you because it’s not just a yes or no answer you are looking for.

Here are some examples of open-ended questions:

“What made you decide to start this type of business?”

“What’s your favorite restaurant in town, and why?”

“How’s business lately?”

“What’s your favorite summer festival in the area, and why?”

Try this next time you are out.  Practice coming up with open-ended questions in your regular conversations.

How Do I Network on Social Media Without Sounding Like a Salesperson

Facebook group owners don’t want you coming in and bombarding them and their followers with sales pitches.

Make sure you read the rules of each group and know what you can and can’t do.

Here are some conversation starters you can use to get the ball rolling:

“Are there any other writers/designers in the group from (your location)?”

“Where is everyone located?”

“What’s everyone up to this weekend?”

“What’s your biggest goal in your business?”

“What is everyone struggling with right now?”

“How do you de-stress when you’ve been working incredibly hard?”

These questions are harmless, but they open up the conversations. When someone comments on your post, go to their Facebook page and see what they do.

If it’s someone you want to target, start following all of their socials, and engage with them.

Ask them questions about their business and maybe move the conversation over to the private messenger. Make sure you ask permission to send a private message. Some groups do not allow unsolicited messages.

How Do I Network if I am An Introvert?

Have no fear!  You are not the only introvert in the world that struggles with this. How about asking a question like “Any introverts in the group?”

You already frequent lots of places, start small and don’t overwhelm yourself.

Start practicing by striking up a conversation with someone every day.

Pick one person on your regular daily routine to interact with. Ask them how their day is going or if it’s been busy.

How Do I Let People Know What I’m Doing?

Email every person in your personal network.

This doesn’t have to be just business owners. Business owners have wives and sons, cousins, and friends.

Some people are natural connectors and will want to connect you with the right people.

In your email, tell them what you are doing and who your target client is. Tell them how excited you are and make it a happy email.

This is a great way to get feedback when you are first starting. You could even ask in the email, “I would love any feedback on this email and how you felt about it so I can improve my pitches in the future.”

What If People Think I Won’t Succeed and Want to Put Me Down

I can promise you there are people like this and you will run into them once in a while.

You have to decide that you don’t care.

People are going to have opinions regardless of what you do. It’s your life, and you have to be happy living it.

Imagine how boring life would be if you listened to what everyone else wanted you to do instead of doing what lights you up.

Just move on from these people. They will always be around, and there is nothing you can do but rise above and prove them wrong.

Their opinion of you will not change the outcome of your freelance career, so ignore it and move on.

Kristi Durham helps course creators sell more of their courses with research-driven conversion copywriting.  She enjoys walking her little yappy dogs, kayaking in the great lakes, and spending time with her nose buried in a book at the beach.  Find out more about Kristi and her work at

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Hi, Kristi, I truly enjoyed your blog post. At first, I must admit, I didn’t take networking as seriously as I should have. I was kind a casual about it. But when I did—oh, boy!—things started to change for me. I think it is very crucial for anyone who expects to grow their business and make new friends in their field of expertise, to network with as many people as possible.Reply to DERRICK
I definately need to up my networking game. Thank you Kristi Durham.Reply to Charity
You’re welcome. Networking can really be a game changer. So many people avoid it. Good luck and try not to over complicate it.Reply to Kristi
Networking is something that I definitely need to work on, because I get really nervous about it. Thanks for the tips!Reply to Andreia
You may be overthinking it. Networking is just a fancy term for talking to people and getting to know them. Take the sales out of it and just think of it like chatting up new people.Reply to Kristi