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Can a Freelance Writing Niche Make Me a Better Writer?

One of the most important things to do as a budding writer is to choose your area of specialization, commonly called a freelance writing niche.

You might be tempted to be a jack of all trades so that you can serve multiple clients or engage many kinds of readers.

Can a Freelance Writing Niche Make Me a Better Writer?

However, whether you are an aspiring freelance writer or blogger, you will struggle to find the content and motivation to put together an excellent piece for just about every topic on the planet.

If you are wondering whether you should really choose a niche, here are a 10 reasons why you should.

The most important things for budding writers is to choose your area of specialization, commonly called a freelance writing niche.

Better Writing Tips

1. You Will Offer Better Quality Pieces

When it comes to being a better writer, quality is better than quantity, and your clients and readers will value you most if you produce excellent content in one area rather than poor work in many areas.

When you choose a freelance writing niche, you will accrue experience and knowledge over time which will help you hone your skills and produce better, more informative articles.

The better your pieces are, the more likely your readers will refer you to other readers seeking the kind of insights you offer, which will make you a renowned freelance writing expert in your field.

2. It Puts Your Skills to Good Use

Do you have experience in a particular area like interior décor, hospitality or traveling?

If your specialty is in hospitality, for example, why not become one of the best hotel copywriters and focus on what you enjoy writing about?

Focusing on what you love will help you make great use of your skills and offer relevant information to your readers.

Besides, as you research your work, you will gain more knowledge that will improve your skills in that area.

3. You Can Use Your Niche to Promote Your Business

Choosing a niche gives you a unique brand, which you can easily use to market your services and demand the highest possible rates.

With a niche, you can target a specific area and use your samples to make the maximum possible returns from your marketing activities.

4. You Will Fuel Your Passion

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a niche is that you will most likely select an area that you love, are interested in, or identify with, which will improve your general writing experience.

Who would not want a career derived from what they love most?

Again, being a better writer means writing in an area that you are passionate about helps you to express yourself; opinions, arguments, and takes, which will make your work rich and engaging.

5. It Helps You Write More Easily

Even the crème of freelance writers admit to experiencing the nightmare of watching the cursor blink for hours on end without an idea of what to write.

Writing can be challenging when you have to write about a topic that you are utterly unfamiliar about.

However, with a niche, your words will most likely flow with ease, you will structure your ideas to come up with a remarkable article without making silly writing mistakes.

However, if you are a science major writing about finance, you might have a rough time.

6. A Niche Helps You to Secure High-End Clients

With a niche, you tend to come across to clients as a professional, so you will most likely be able to net deals with high-value clients.

These kinds of clients tend to prefer writers with specific skills, knowledge, and experience that show a full understanding of the industry’s challenges and functioning.

7. You Can Set Yourself Apart

With a niche, you can stand out among other writers by offering services in a specific area, which will give you an advantage with clients.

Rather than a generalist approach, with a niche, you can also identify your target audience and find ways to captivate them.

8. You Can Work More Efficiently

Choosing a freelance writing niche makes it possible to focus your mental energy towards one area, which is vital for continuous growth.

With a niche, you can easily find resources and mentors that can offer insight and knowledge that you can incorporate into your work for better results. Scattering your energy across many areas will lead to burnout, exhaustion and will make you produce shallow content.

9. You Can Select an Area That Fits Your Values 

The main disadvantage that being a general writer rather than a better writer poses is that you leave yourself open to all kinds of topics, including some that may fall outside your personal principals and perspective on morality.

Writing about such will most likely lower your morale and ruin your writing experience.

Choosing a niche eliminates this possibility to make sure that writing remains the same fulfilling venture that you need it to be.

10. It Will Help You be Proud of Your Work

Writing in an area that you truly identify with will boost your motivation, inspiration, and sense of pride in your pieces. How you perceive your work is an essential factor in your success as a writer, and you need to feel satisfied enough with your work to want to be associated with it.

How to Select a Niche

To enjoy all these advantages, you need to choose the best possible niche for yourself. Do you already have a career in a specific area? Look through your resume and get ideas from your work experience.

Again, what kind of book would you most likely read? Or where does your mind seek solace when you have had a long day?

The answers to these questions will show you where your passion lies. Again, you can also ask your readers and clients for feedback that can help you figure out where you work best.


Freelance and blogging are somewhat challenging and demanding, and producing high-quality work as a better writer takes hard work.

Again, there are about 50 million freelancers in the United States alone seeking freelance copywriting jobs, not to mention the fact that brands are always looking for specialists to handle their projects.

However, choosing a niche takes away a massive chunk of the challenges, helps you stand out in the crowd, and makes for a fulfilling writing career.

The most successful freelancers and bloggers are those who carve a niche for themselves by selecting an area where they can work most efficiently.

Over to you – do you have a freelance writing niche? Tell us in the comments how you found your niche.

Figure Out Your Profitable Niche & Become a Successful Freelance Writer!

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