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How Do I Choose the Right Freelance Writing Niche?

If you want to be a professional copywriter and write for a living, there are plenty of possibilities for you online.

However, if you want to make more money as a freelance writer and gain more recognition, you should pick the right freelance writing niche. In this post, I will explain what I mean by a “right niche” and how to find the perfect one for you.

How Do I Choose the Right Freelance Writing Niche?

What is a Right Niche?

First of all, let’s see what a right niche is.

If you want to make more money, pick the right freelance writing niche.

Imagine that you are starting your freelance writing business. As you are thinking of what you should be writing about, you go online and ask for the top ten most readable blogs and find out that the most popular blogs are those about technologies, ways to make passive income and cooking.

That is why you decide to start writing about ways to get passive income, as this seems to be the easiest topic of all.

However, if you look closer at the situation I described you will see that it is not the best idea.

Looking for a freelance job yourself, you have no clue of different ways passive income can be earned. You will not be able to provide profound information to the readers about this, so you will not gain a broad target audience.

Moreover, this niche is now packed with professionals sharing their success stories and keys to success. Therefore, unless you don’t mind spending much time figuring how to make money by writing or any other ways to be able to share personal experience with readers, you should pick a different niche.

These are the basics of choosing the “right niche” that are universal and can be easily applied whenever you start the search. This niche is determined by your personal and professional experience, unique background knowledge you have in this area, a high demand for the advice in this field, a size of a market and the fact that you will enjoy the process of writing about it.

How Do You Choose the Right Writing Niche?

Since you already know how to determine whether the niche is right for you, let’s see how the process of picking a niche will look in your life.

1. List Your Areas of Expertise

If you are good at arts and used to study books about it and visit all kinds of museums / concerts / galleries, then write it down.

If you used to work in narrow industries and are now an expert of a field, list it too. The more areas of expertise you can come up with, the better. If you have at least five areas on your list, the chances of picking the right niche are higher than if you cannot think of anything and just choose a random topic to write about.

2. Make a List of Topics

Make a list of topics you are not an expert at yet, but are more than happy to learn more about. If you always wanted to write about heating systems, you can start studying the subject, following experts, sharing the groundbreaking innovations of the area, introducing the readers to the fresh ideas you have and keeping to dig deeper in this subject.

If you are ready to study hard and keep increasing the level of expertise you have in the area, then you do not need to know everything about it right away. You can learn as you go.

3. Take a Look at Your Two Lists

Look at these two lists and point out those themes you will be glad to work on. Becoming a high-profile freelance writer means that you will write a lot and study hard.

Therefore, if you are not really interested in the topic, drop it, or what was supposed to be a dream job will become a burden. Do not follow the advice that you should work in the niche that pays the most. If you are not interested, money won’t motivate you to keep moving.

4. Search the Market

As you have cut the numbers of ideas for writing, search the market to see what companies that specialize in your area of interest are hiring now. Do not be afraid to take initiative and write them, and in case of a negative reply to inquire recommendations and tips on what to do better next time.

And also remember to check whether this market is big enough for you to join it. If there are only a few leaders of the market, then probably they do not need writers to promote their products.

Once you find a niche that all of these four points, that is your right niche. Start writing on the topic and analyze the feedback you get. Follow the innovations and latest news of this field. Remember to keep working on your writing style and level up your skills to get noticed. Good luck!

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I really enjoyed this read, and recently I have been trying to take a passion I have used for many years and utilize it. However, I do not really have a niche. I have struggled holding jobs, relationships, and even family has been gone for awhile. I have lead a very exciting, but educationally lacking life in many subjects. How would I find a niche when I do not exactly have an expertise in one area. I am currently the go-to on outsourcing for a company I will not name to do their Blog, social media, and weekly newsletters. Outside of this area, however, I only know of the freelancing world through what I have learned by doing so. I have recently felt that I have been being taken advantage of by making such little money for full-time work, finally started to do some research to find I was right. I am, by natural talent, a creative writer. I am working on multiple personal projects and I feel compelled to write all the time. However, I feel I have been learning false habits of the writing community and do not trust half the research I have made for those exact reasons. Advice?Reply to Kristoph