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What Exercises Can I Do to Become a Better Writer?

Have you looked back at an article or blog you wrote as a freelance writer and cringed? I know I have, and I still do. Sometimes the issue is punctuation then I realize my flow is off or the wording is awkward. Writing can be a difficult skill to master. Fortunately you can always become a better writer.


How Do I Find My Writing Voice?

The world of freelance writing has blossomed in the past years. With more businesses than ever needing quality content there has never been a better time to be a writer.

But …… with more work comes increased competition.

How do I Write Engaging Content For My Freelance Clients?

What does it really mean to engage someone online nowadays?

With the ever-escalating noise and assault of information in this digital world, does anyone pay attention anymore?

What will it take to grab that attention? Do you speak to your audience’s burning desires and motivations? Engagement is really a matter of knowing these expectations; then matching, and finally, exceeding them.

How Can I Make Time for Personal Writing Projects?

So, you think you want to write for fun, huh?

Plenty of freelancers spend their days pitching clients and writing business copy, even though their true passions lie elsewhere.

How Do I Develop an Effective Writing Habit?

You’re a writer, right?

You got to do what you got to do. You need to write.

I’m Overrun with Content Ideas, How do I Control Them?

If you’re a natural storyteller, you’ll know that an idea only has to float through your mind before it’s being kneaded into a start, a middle, and an end. Whether it’s a trickle or a rapid, ideas flow constantly. It’s unstoppable.

The beauty of this skill is that a freelance writer can work for multiple clients and never be short of inspiration.

That is, until your content ideas begin to leak out the sides or force their way through small gaps in your day to shower you unexpectedly.

How Can a Freelance Writer Self-Edit Their Own Work?

There is a good reason why the editor outranks the writer.

While it is the writer who does the heavy labor of coming up with a topic, researching and writing the first draft, it is the editor’s job to make sure that it’s readable, relevant to the target audience and flawless for dissemination.

How Do I Write A Press Release?

So, you’ve finally landed a freelance writing client.

Hooray for you.

But, they want you to write something you’ve never done before…a press release. You told them, “Sure,” but you really don’t even know what it is. Now you’re stuck.