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How Can I Write Articles Faster?

You agreed to do how many articles? Wow. Too bad you can’t clone yourself.

Imagine being asked by three editors to write three different articles – all due within days or a week of each other. How are you going to be able to handle the workload?

Having been in that position a few times, I’ve created a way to write articles with interviews smarter. With minimal effort, you can use the same method to train yourself to work smarter, which can help you complete those article assignments hours faster than it would normally take.

How Does Writing Regularly Improve My Writing and My Writing Career?

If there’s one piece of writing advice writers agree on, it’s that writing regularly improves your writing, boosting your writing career in return.

But don’t let this scare you. Writing regularly doesn’t have to mean 1000 or 2000 words every day. Whatever you can manage is fine. If you need to take a couple of days off to rest and feel refreshed, that’s okay too.

The idea is to get as much writing done as possible. Develop a routine that works for you. J.P. Choquette wrote her novel using 15-minute blocks. Copyblogger’s Brian Clark has a great post called 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer where all 10 steps include writing.