Why Should Freelancers Maintain a Clean Workspace?

While freelancing presents several career advantages, many need help attaining a smooth workflow and enhanced productivity for success.

However, the latest apps, devices and techniques are not the only tools freelancers can deploy to make headway — they should also maintain a clean workspace.

A messy desk can be detrimental to your work, increasing your stress levels and impacting your focus.

How Can Freelancers Fight the Afternoon Slump? Tips for Boosting Energy

Some people picture freelancers as superhumans of productivity.

While it may be true earlier in the day, there are usually unavoidable lulls.

Every working individual is susceptible to the afternoon slump, no matter the arrangement.

Why Should Freelancers Take Breaks During the Day?

Working as a freelancer has some incredible perks.

You own your time, work whenever you want and onboard multiple clients to get more cash.

While these things give you career freedom, the downsides can sometimes outweigh the benefits because of the health consequences, like burnout and stress.

How Can Freelancers Maintain Their Physical Health?

As a freelancer, you probably work from home, and you may not have the same kind of regular routine an office worker may follow.

You may find it easy to stay home most of the week, lounge around in your free time and eat whatever snacks you have in your pantry.

What New Year’s Resolutions Can Accelerate Your Freelance Career?

As the current year comes to an end, now is the perfect time to reflect on your career and find opportunities for growth.

While many people set New Year’s resolutions for their personal life, such as joining a gym or eating healthier, it’s also beneficial to consider your professional goals.

When you’re a freelancer, it’s even more important to set and track your goals to stay on track and avoid burning out or falling behind.