What are the Best Tools for Writing Compelling and SEO-Friendly Web Posts?

Writing may seem like a an easy thing to some people.

All you need to do is to unite the words into sentences, right?

What are the Best Tools for Writing Compelling and SEO-Friendly Web Posts?

But you know the truth: Writing any content can be immensely complicated.

Writing any content can be immensely complicated.

As writers we have to make the text cohesive and coherent. Last but not least, the content should grab readers’ attention. That’s the key to attaining more potential freelance clients. Here are the tools that can make your content unique, engaging, and compelling, as well as facilitate your freelance writing projects.

Keyword Tool


Sometimes it is hard to make yourself work when you don’t know what to write about.

When you feel like you’ve exhausted everything you can think of, what can you do? If you run out of inspiration, have a look at Keyword Tool. It helps you find the word combinations people search for and would like to know more about.

You may pick up some of them and develop a topic. The Keyword Tool gives you a chance to check the word combinations through Google, YouTube, Bing and the App Store.



CoSchedule Headline Analyzer helps you choose the best headline that will grab your readers’ attention.

After you type in your headline, you get a report on it immediately. It shows the words of your headline that are common, uncommon, emotional, and which ones are power words. With that knowledge, you can revise your headline for maximum impact.

There is discipline behind every success. To write something tremendous, you need to follow a sensible schedule and meet deadlines. CoSchedule will assist you in setting times for content writing, creating a marketing strategy, and promoting your blog. This is a wonderful way to effectively organize your work and reach successful outcomes.



Being a freelance writer isn’t easy all the time.

When you come across alluring content or quotes from others, they can end up in your work without proper referencing or citations. Make no mistake, whether it’s intentional or not, it is plagiarism!

A quick way to check your work for originality is to run a scan with the free Unplag plagiarism checker. Paste your text into the search box and get an instant report. The tool will highlight text matches and prompt you about what should be cited.

It is either you who can check your work first, or your clients. Which would you rather have happen? Do not post duplicate content as it is bad for SEO and search rankings. You are talented enough to create your own enticing content, just take a few precautions to stay safe and unique as you do it.

Readability Grader


You probably know and follow various writing standards to make your text readable and easy to comprehend.

However, sometimes you want to share so much with your readers that you forget to make your text easy to understand. Readability Grader deals with this issue. Use it and enjoy immediate results. This tool will assist you in making sure your readers will easily comprehend what you’re trying to say.

UK vs US Spelling Tool


There is a slight difference between US and British English. While both variants can be SEO-friendly, you need to choose which one you’re going to use and be consistent about it. Customize your text according to the audience you write for. Although sometimes you can mix words of American and British English, it’s better to check your content for any discrepancies using UK vs US Spelling Tool. Use a keyboard combination “Ctrl+F” to find the word you need.



Don’t get stuck in a rut or writing bland content. Or worse, plagiarizing content unknowingly. These tools for writers will come in handy during your freelance projects.

Over to you – which tool are you wanting to try out first?

Nancy is a freelance writer, based in Kansas City, MO. Her posts have appeared in a great number of popular education and tech blogs, including SoCawlege, College Recruiter and GoWithTech. Beyond the world of writing, Nancy has an affinity for progressive metal and existential books. You can always find her on Twitter

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As a freelance writer for small business owners these tips are practical to share and apply. Thanks Nancy!Reply to La'Risa
Hey Nancy, YOU really got my intention to read more and with the way of explaining I’m totally engage till END of last dot. So, what are you using US or UK to write your thoughts in words to sentence.Reply to ShahNawaz
Thank you so much for bringing Unplag to my attention, Nancy! I need to start using it before I send drafts of my work to clients. I know they trust that my work is 100% original and I want to make sure that it also has that unique factor that would make them stand out even further. I’m adding Unplag to my list of tools to use with future blog posts. Thank you again!Reply to Lisa
Hi Nancy. Thanks for this great post! All useful tools. Love that you included US vs UK spelling. I spell according to UK English, but because most of my work is for US audiences, I mostly write in US English.Reply to Deevra
Deevra, thanks for stopping by! Spelling matters. Now you know at least one tool that will make your work easierReply to Nancy
Hi Nancy, Thanks for providing this list of relevant tools. CoSchedule headline analyzer is the only one i’m familiar with but i hope to try all of them. Most likely i will start with the Keyword Tool.Reply to Sola
Nancy, Thanks for providing some great tools. I personally like CoSchedules headline analyzer and often use that for my client work.Reply to Elna
Elna, Thanks for sharing your opinion! Some freelance writers prefer using EMV headline analyzer from Advanced Marketing Institute, but I like CoSchedule’s the most.Reply to Nancy