How Do You Write a Product Review For a Client?

So you have to write a product review for a client, but you’ve never written one before.

No problem.

How Do You Write a Product Review For a Client?

Within the next 5 minutes, you’ll know everything about how to write a product review from the threshold to the end.

But, first things first, if you’re new to freelancing or being a freelance writer learning how to write a product review requires good writing habits and excellent research skills.

Can you still freelance if you’re a bad writer? No, you have to brush up on your writing skills you are ready learn how to write a product review.

These types of writing projects – product reviews – are high-paying and businesses will want a writer that is excellent in writing these types of projects.

So, let’s begin.

How to Write a Product Review

Outlining a Product Review

If you want to write an awe-inspiring review then get the product or service’s best details beforehand. So first thing first:

  • Read the product manual
  • Use the product
  • Eat-in the restaurant
  • Interview the gym members
  • Watch the movie
  • Or use the services

Now create an outline.


Here, you’ll write about why you’re writing this product review or why your readers ‘need’ that product.


In this section, talk about the product details, and avoid adding your own opinions.


This is where you’ll write your opinions and, most importantly, the benefits of using the product or the expressions we’ll discuss later in this article.


Treat it as your CTA, where you push your readers to the buy button, and encourage them to take action.

How to Write an Enticing Copy For a Product Review in 5 Simple Steps

Now that you know where and how to start, let’s get into the details about how to write a product review. The thing to remember you need to write copy to convert your leads into paying customers.

Step 1. List Out All The Features of Your Product or Services

Once you’ve read the details of the product, list out all of its necessary features, for example:




Working functions


Construction details





Other important characteristics.

Step 2. Convert The Features into Benefits

When learning how to write a product review, you have to convert the features into benefits. You do this by asking yourself, so what? 

Let me show you how it works. Let’s say you’re writing a product review about an air purifier.


  • Removes 99.9% air toxicants.

So what?


  • It removes the hazardous particles of air and saves your loved ones from catching dangerous diseases like asthma and autism.


  • Small size and lightweight.

So what?


  • It’s lightweight and small size makes it portable so you can easily carry it to your office or to a holiday spot.

Step 3. Trail Down The Benefits Until You Find The One That Can Make Your Customer/Potential Client Move

After listing the features and benefits keep asking yourself―so what?or why does it matter? Until you finally find the one benefit that can do the magic.

For example, if you’re writing a product review about anti-reflective glasses, trail down the benefits as shown below:

Trail 1  Trail 2 Trail 3
It cuts off the blue light. Reduces eye strain.
So what? So what? So what?
It can save you from blurred vision or going blind permanently in future. Relieves headache. Helps in making better eye contact.

Step 4. Strikeout The Emotion Attached With The Final Benefit You Got in The Third Step

Once you have the benefits trailed down in your product review, you can quickly draw the emotion attached to it.

It could be anything: happiness; satisfaction; a feeling of achievement, being grown-up, or being independent; fear, grief, anger, or anything else. Based on it, write your final statement that you’ll use in your copy.

For example, if I take the benefit of trail 1 from the third step, the emotion attached to it comes out to be―fear.

Step 5. Sum Up All The Details To Craft a Beautiful And Enticing Copy

Time to sum up!

Write your expression, keeping in mind the emotion attached to the benefit your readers are getting.  For example, combining the benefits of trail 1 and trail 3 of the anti-reflective glasses review, I’d write something like:

If you spend prolonged hours on your laptop or smartphone, then instead of risking your good vision, try these anti-glare glasses―they can save you from damaging your vision and cut the headache while working. 

Did you see that? It’s that easy.

And we just hit their two nerves with a single sentence: fear of losing their vision and ease of working without headache.

Essential Ingredients of Learning How to Write a Product Review

Connecting with your readers by describing exactly why they need your product is essential, yet, if you want your copy to work, it’s not enough. You’d have to go one step ahead and have a few more components in your content.

I’ve discussed them in detail below.


The easiest formula to create curiosity is to build an information gap. Especially, if you’re writing a review about a course, newsletter, book, or webinar. The best way to do it is, tell them what they need to do, but never reveal how to do it.

Here’s an example:

If your product is perfect, yet not making much revenue, you need to learn the five secrets of human psychology to market it. Believe me or not, but they work like a charm.

Here’re some powerful curiosity triggers for you to use: Reveal, prove, discover, ridiculous, massive, intense, cheat-sheet, simple, step-by-step, tricks, tweaks, launch, supercharge, transform, and others.

Power Words

Creating curiosity is essential, but without the right words, it wouldn’t matter much. Take this for an example:

In this webinar, I’ll tell you how to increase your productivity in three simple ways.

Discover three little known tricks to stay productive throughout the day!

Sprinkling a few power-words in your copy can make a huge difference. Try it, and trust me you’ll be amazed with the results.

Here’s a list of a few power words for you to use:

  • awe-inspiring
  • magnetic
  • heart-breaking
  • bonus
  • discover
  • insane
  • overnight
  • off-limit
  • painful
  • master


In a world full of fluff, be ultra-specific. It makes your copy more appealing and increases your credibility. Check this out:

I’ll get back to you soon!

I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

This shotgun flashlight is too bright and the material used in its construction is of high-quality.

This shotgun flashlight is waterproof and shock-resistant because of its O-ring seal and sturdy aluminum construction. Its 1000 Lumens brightness can blind your target in a second. 

Reader’s-Eye View

Now, this is the most crucial part of your copy. When you’re done writing, always read it with your reader’s point of view and ask yourself–

Can it make me move?

Will I buy this product based on this review?

Do all the essential parts of the copy pass the, “why does it matter” test?

Keep changing until you finally get the best out of your copy.

In a Nutshell

Write for your reader. Trail down the benefits out of your products’ features until you finally have the one that can trigger your readers into taking action.

Pull some emotions, create curiosity, sprinkle a few power words, and of course don’t forget to be ultra-specific. It’ll make your copy irresistible and convert your leads into paying customers.

Excited to learn how to write a product review for your clients?

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