Why Should Freelancers Build a Cohesive Image Before Building Their Online Presence?

When I first started freelancing, I made a lot of mistakes.

I accepted work that paid pennies (that’s not an exaggeration – I was literally working for $1 to $3 an hour because I thought I needed to for ‘experience’), my first website was an amateurish mess on a free hosting site, and I didn’t learn how to write great pitches until after I’d wasted hours doing it the wrong way.

What IT Concepts Do Freelancers Need To Know?

Technology is a vital part of any successful freelancer’s career. Learning about all of the different tech you will encounter and use may seem intimidating, but knowledge is power!

Familiarizing yourself with a few key concepts will help you run your freelance business more efficiently and with confidence.

How Do I Avoid Isolation as A Freelancer?

Freelancing isn’t an easy path.

Often, starting your freelance career requires long hours, and once business takes off it’s tempting to take on as much work as you can handle or more. The time commitment can lead to not having much time to socialize or feelings of isolation. Here we’ll explore ways to avoid that, or deal with it if you’re already there.

How Can I Balance My Life and Freelance Career?

Whether you’re a seasoned vet of the freelance life, or you’re bouncing excitedly at the starting line, there’s a few things you’re going to experience on this road.

Exhaustion. Burnout. Too much work and too little time. Life getting in the way. Especially if you’re a WAHM and a freelance writer.