How Do You Write Every Day to Start off a Motivational Cycle?

Before Covid19 was recognized as a pandemic, I was already struggling with my motivation levels at work and how to write every day.

However, this was crazy, I was making good money!

How Do You Write Every Day to Start off a Motivational Cycle?

[T]he pandemic hit the world. Events got cancelled. Fear kicked in. My motivation hit the lowest records of history. 

Why wouldn’t I be motivated? “You’re acting nonsense,” I said to myself time and time again.

I had graduated recently, and had this strong desire to exploit the substance of my career, but felt I was not fully doing so at work for different reasons.

I kept diligently going to work but mostly out of responsibility.

Days passed. Weeks passed, even a whole year passed.  

However, my general productivity was suffering the toll of my tantrum thoughts.

And then, the pandemic hit the world. Events got cancelled. Fear kicked in. My motivation hit the lowest records of history

That was the rock-bottom moment I needed to once and for all start focusing on building up my long-neglected freelance writing project.

All of a sudden, I built up the willingness to commence to write every day.

Embarking in such a journey to write every day ramped up my motivational cycle to wake up each day and keep up with professional growth!

I realized, then only, that introducing daily writing to your life has a significant potential to elevate your motivation and keep it on course. Here are six ways how this is possible:

1. Write Every Day to Help Your Background Career

With the surge of COVID19, the digitalization of markets and communications have accelerated rapidly. This means that more people and organizations are working, shopping, learning and conducting their business through the internet.

The pandemic and confinement days will officially end one day in the near future, but the new digital landscape is here to stay.

In this context, polished writing skills are playing a major role, and a raft of professional fields will require these skills more and more.

Learning to write every day for your freelance career and blog can significantly improve the quality of your writing over time, through the magic of practice.

Good grammar, the accuracy of facts, honed self-editing skills, good formatting, and clear structure are professional assets that can impress your audience at your professional field.

Envisioning the long-term benefits that daily writing can offer to your background career will trigger your willingness to keep on sharping your skills for professional and personal growth. 

2. Writing Increases Your Confidence

Most of us have experienced a certain level of frustration after trying to convey a thought, however not feeling capable to build articulated sentences or convincing arguments.

These types of experiences can be scarring for our egos, as they become memories that stack up in our head and may subconsciously spoil our confidence in the long-run.

Not to mention the downside of showing our Achilles heel when making arguments as this might unfairly portray a feeble image of us.

Fortunately, a daily writing routine as part of your freelance journey can contribute to preventing those type of experiences from happening.

Confidence is a conviction enshrined within you, about the type of abilities you think you possess to succeed in life and prove great potential at what you do.

Studies have found that when you write every day through can help communicate and articulate complex ideas more effectively over time as it enriches your vocabulary and stimulates creativity.

This particular contribution to your public speaking abilities can boost your belief in your own potential as a speaker, and also as a writer.

When you start to see the long term benefits of your writing routine, you will continue to invest in it.

3. Write Every Day To Help Reach Your Life Vision  

Because of COVID19-related budget cuts, I was laid off for a whole quarter from my regular job.

That took me by surprise.

Suddenly, I realized I have been relying 100% on one single source of income all along.

I found myself with way more free time to relax, reflect on my vision of life, and gain perspective on my long-term goals.

I had to go through one of the darkest moments of my life to seek my inner strength all the while I was striving to see a divine illumination before my eyes for choosing the right direction.

I was lucky enough to find both.

Designing a writing path has undoubtedly shaped a whole new roadmap towards my career vision.

Progressing towards your vision of life implies setting up long-term and short-term goals that can contribute to an overall life framework.

When you write every day it can become a means towards reaching your life objectives because this activity enjoys the capability of boosting your abilities, your wealth, and your accomplishments.

Envisioning this path through your writing will add up to your motivation to keep on writing and accomplishing life goals through writing.

4. Write Every Day Will Greet New Knowledge

Regularly writing on your preferred topic or niche, unquestionably makes you increasingly savvier in that specialization area.

Writing is a powerful learning tool whose mere process allows you to explore your ideas, search for connections between theory and practice, and layout your positions with more clarity by reflecting and challenging your beliefs.

The exercise of writing also enhances your understanding of diverse concepts while considering the readers’ concerns.

Usually, the writing process comes with evidence research, analysis of facts, and self-editing. These are side-tools through which you can learn more about substance, critical thinking and technique.

Through discipline and constancy, writing will increase your comfort at understanding unfamiliar and complex concepts, generating a learning- to -write and writing- to- learn cycle.

5. Writing Creates

It was only through my writing journey that I was better able to comprehend the difference between presenting evidence in the form of hard facts by using formal English, as in academic writing; and the process of recurring to thoughts, emotions, and imagination through creative writing. 

I also realized that any style of writing has the gift of creation.

In academic writing, you compile evidence, facts, and theories to analyze them and create new knowledge. In creative writing, you tune up your creativity to the fullest and create content from scratch.

Compared to other types of personal development activities such as reading, or public speaking, the writing process offers you tangible outcomes.

The bottom line is that writing produces, and its fruits are immediately visible.

When you physically see the fruitful outcomes of your writing process, you will want to continue investing your strength, energy and time on creation and stockpiling your writing abilities and portfolio.

6. Write Every Day Makes You Happier

Studies at the University of Texas have found that expressive writing about your deepest emotions and thoughts, besides helping you connect with yourself, it can potentially heal wounds, help you feel less pessimistic, and reduce depression and anxiety symptoms.

Generally, writing about your feelings every day can improve your emotional well-being.

At your freelance writing path, you can enjoy the benefits of creative writing by sharing the lessons you learned from past experiences.

By doing that, you may become a source of inspiration for other people who are struggling with similar situations, and more importantly, help yourself to gain perspective and acknowledge how your past experiences defined who you are today.

This can turn into a beneficial cycle of positive feelings, contributing to other people’s lives, and gaining back our motivation to pursue more happiness.

If you find that initial happiness boost through writing, you will grow your trigger to pursue more of that feeling.

Usually, we start feeling happier when we see the effectiveness of our actions.

The more satisfied we feel, the more likely we will remain inside our secure motivational cycle. 

Keeping ourselves motivated also keeps us productive and eager to keep on learning and growing!

Are you up for the daily challenge to write every day?  

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Jennifer Tapia Boada has a passion for social development. She writes articles on sustainable development, human rights, and corporate social responsibility topics. With a master's degree in international relations and a working background in multilateral diplomacy, she specializes in academic and article writing, as well as opinion pieces. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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