What Do Game of Thrones and Freelancing Have in Common?

One of the most popular shows on television right now is without a doubt Game of Thrones. During each episode we watch these fictional characters navigate the treacherous fantasy world that is Westeros.

I am a huge fan of the show. I religiously plant myself in front of my television for every episode. The season’s over now and I have dang near a year to wait for the next one.

What Do Game of Thrones and Freelancing Have in Common?

What do Game of Thrones and freelancing have in common?

You may be wondering what does the show have to do with freelancing.

A lot, my friend.

Game of Thrones is filled with diverse characters who each possess traits which I think are essential to success as a new freelance writer.

Let’s begin.

You Need Confidence

One of my favorite characters is Daenerys Stormborn, also known as Khaleesi.

Dany started out as an unsure character, was married off to Khal Drogo and helped to hatch three dragons. Over the seasons the Mother of Dragons, as she is now called, has steadily gained confidence in her abilities and her destiny.

New freelancers really need confidence. Starting out is tough. You are going it alone and your clients don’t need to know you are a total newbie.

Having confidence in yourself and your skills will translate to your clients, when you finally book a few, and they will in turn feel confident to entrust their writing project to you.

You Need Determination

I think anyone who watches the show can agree that plucky Arya is one determined kid.

No matter what she has to do she stays focused on her goal. She joined the House of Black and White to train to be a Faceless Man. After she failed many trials, she narrowly escaped being killed by a fellow trainee. Despite all of these roadblocks, Arya stayed true to her original plan: avenge her family.

A freelancer needs to have the determination to keep going even when it seems like you’re not landing any gigs or the work is slow.

You can’t get discouraged. As with any other job, there are going to be rough patches. Keep pitching and working on building your skills.

You Need a Strategy

Over the past season Varys has grown on me. He always thinks ahead and has a plan. He knows the right people and how to make alliances.

Other Game of Thrones fans might say Littlefinger is a good strategist too and I would agree but Varys is my favorite of the two. The lesser of two evils, you might say.

For freelancers, planning ahead and creating a strategy for your business to grow is important. What systems can you put in place to ensure things run smoothly?

Networking is a good strategy. Always have contact with other freelancers and foster a working relationship.

You Need Knowledge

My favorite quote of the entire last season was from Tyrion Lannister. He said “This is what I do. I drink and I know things.”

He is a smart man. He’s well read and knows a lot about everything. Tyrion is underestimated by many because of his small stature but he inevitably improves his position due to his intelligence.

There might be a writing gig where you think you aren’t qualified for but with a little time and research you could learn about it.

I’m always open to learning something new. It expands your skillset and gives you more marketable skills to pull from for your business.

As a new freelancer things can be overwhelming while trying to navigate your way through setting up your platform, guest posting and landing clients.

Having a plan, a little determination and a good dash confidence in your skillset can be essential to whether you make it as an entrepreneur.

Are a Game of Thrones fan? Which characters are your favorite and what about them can be translated to your freelance life?


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Renee DeSuza is a freelance writer for hire based in sunny Antigua & Barbuda. She has a background in Hospitality Management and creative writing. When not writing, she spends quality time with her son who keeps her busy with endless questions. Connect with her on Twitter @reneedesuza.

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Thrones and writing, my two favorite things. I enjoyed the entertainment and knowledge you included in this post. Dany and her dragons have to defeat the White Walkers!Reply to Brian
Ah yes, those White Walkers. She needs to make a few alliances, though. Ahem…Jon Snow maybe? I’m happy you enjoyed the post, Brian. Thanks for commenting.Reply to Renee
Aaah, I love that show. Tyrion has to be my all time favorite though (cliched choice, I know.) What can I say, he drinks and he knows things. I love the comparison you drew between Varys and freelancing. Having a plan definitely helps- things tend to feel directionless and overwhelming without one. Thanks for an incredibly enjoyable read Renee!Reply to Sophia
So happy you enjoyed the post, Sophia. Yes, having a plan really helps so you can see what works and what doesn’t, especially when it comes to pitching. Elna recommended using a spreadsheet to keep track of information and I probably would be totally lost without it. Thanks for commenting.Reply to Renee
I absolutely love the comparisons you’ve made between Game of Thrones and freelancing! I’m a big fan of the TV show myself, so next time I’m working on something big in my business, I’m going to pretend I’m one of these characters! ?Reply to Holl
Awesome, another GoT fan! Dany is my favourite of those listed. Thanks for commenting Holly.Reply to Renee