How Can I Become a Better Writer?

No matter how long you’ve been a freelance writer, I’m willing to bet all the Oreos in my cupboard that you’d like to become a better writer. It’s a natural (and necessary) instinct to want to increase your writing skill level.

After all, better writing means landing better clients, and better clients mean better money. Now we’re talking!

So how do you become a better writer? Here are some different ways that have proven to be successful. So, take a look and give one or more a try.

Take a Writing Class

One of the most straightforward ways to become a better writer is to take a writing class. Going through a class gives you a structured outline to follow with helpful instruction and exercises to put your new knowledge into practice.

Look for a course that focuses on an area of writing you’re not confident in yet so you can gain valuable new skills.

See if any schools in your area offer the chance to audit their writing classes, or find open courses offered in your community. You can also do an Internet search for online courses. Sites like Udemy have courses that focus on grammar, style, how to write non-fiction books, and more.

Listen to Client Feedback

After you’ve spent hours writing, editing, and polishing a piece you think is utter perfection for a client, it can be hard to take feedback from them. Many newer freelancers go one of two ways: they’ll either begin to think their writing is total crap or they’ll completely ignore the feedback.

But even if your client isn’t a skilled writer, their feedback matters. As the paying client, they add a fresh pair of eyes on your work and can let you know when you’ve hit the mark or totally missed it. Take the constructive parts of their feedback and use it to make your writing even better on your next assignment.

Join a Writer’s Group

There’s nothing like feedback from your peers to help improve your writing. Joining a writer’s group with like-minded writers means you can share your recent work, ask for feedback, and learn from their strengths. If you find a writing group you feel comfortable with, you can ask them to help you grow in a certain area of your writing.

Do an Internet search for “writing group (your city)” or check out Writer Meetups to find a writer’s group near you. If it’s tough for you to find time to get out of your house or you live in a remote area, an online writer’s group may work best for you. Search Facebook or LinkedIn for writing groups you can join virtually.

Read More

Surely you’ve heard it before, but if you want to be a better writer then you have to read more. Reading on a regular basis helps you write better because your brain subconsciously absorbs everything you read. You’ll unknowingly pick up on all kinds of writing tricks and styles, which you’ll start to see appear in your own writing as if by magic.

If you’re wondering what to read, the answer is nearly anything you want. Read books, magazines, articles in your niche, and even blogs like this one by other freelancer writers (you’re already doing that one – good job!). As long as you find quality writing you can learn from, you’re on the right track.

Write More

You would think that writers wouldn’t have to remind themselves to write more, but at some point, we all need this kick in the butt. If you want to be a better writer, just write more! As science fiction writer Ray Bradbury said, “Quantity produces quality. If you only write a few things, you’re doomed.

Try setting a new goal for yourself such as writing for the first hour of your day, at least two thousand words a day, or two blog posts a day. Whatever writing goal you give yourself, you’ll see dramatic improvements in your writing as soon as you’re consistently writing more.

As you work on becoming a better writer, remember that it’s an ongoing process of working on your skills and improving your craft. As your skill level increases, you’ll feel more confident.

A skilled and confident writer will always book both more clients and better-paying clients. By constantly working on becoming a better writer, you’ll grow your freelance writing business into exactly what you want it to be.

Let us know in the comments, which one of these tips will you be using to help you become an even better writer?

Robyn Petrik is a freelance writer for hire from Vancouver, BC, specializing in vibrant website copy and social media content. While she happily spends most of her time writing, you’ll also find her reading, learning calligraphy, and finding new restaurants. You can learn more about Robyn at robynpetrik.com and connect with her on Twitter.

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Hi Robyn! Great to see you guest posting on here. 🙂 A lot of these tips you’d think us writers would know and be implementing, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded! 🙂Reply to Deevra
Good to bump into you here too Deevra! I think a lot of us freelance writers get caught up in writing for clients as much as possible, and we forget to take the time to hone our writing. The reminder always helps!Reply to Robyn
Write more! I know this. I’ve read it at least a dozen times in bunches of different places, but yet somehow I still struggle to actually DO IT. My initial goal that I set about a month ago, was to write 500 words a day. However, that quickly got pushed aside when I started packing for our move, now I am barely writing at all. Ugh!Reply to Jillian
I hear you Jillian! I’m getting ready for a big move too, so I’m finding it harder to squeeze in the time to write too. But your daily 500 word goal is perfect for building the habit, even without having a lot of time. Good luck!Reply to Robyn
I totally agree that reading helps you become a better writer! I completely credit my love for reading for pretty much any/all of my writing abilities. And it’s the best kind of learning because you’re subconsciously gaining knowledge on writing better all while enjoying a good book 🙂Reply to Megan
You’re right Megan. Unfortunately my novel reading has taken a back burner to my budding freelance writing business. I do, however, try to squeeze in blog post reading. That’s still reading, right? ElnaReply to Elna
Blog posts totally count ladies! Especially since we’re writing posts for our own blogs. We take in lots of writing styles and tips just by reading through our usual feeds.Reply to Robyn
I’m glad that idea resonates with you J! When I joined my group, I found that it had a positive impact on my skills right away. It’s good to a have a close group you trust to push you, encourage you, and even help you stay accountable.Reply to Robyn
Great tips! I should look into joining a writing group! What a wonderful idea!Reply to J
Write more – WORD!Reply to Janet
Right Janet?! Simple but super effective tip!Reply to Robyn