Should I Offer More Than Writing Services to My Freelance Writing Clients?

If you are a writer who takes pride in her work, cares a lot about customer satisfaction, and is always willing to go that extra mile, then you may want to consider offering more than just writing services to your freelance writing clients.

What are Some Popular Online Writing Niches?

You’ve discovered the wonderful world of writing and can’t wait to start earning a living from your works. There’s only one problem, you’re not quite sure what type of writing you want to pursue.

Everyone says you should have a niche, and that you should write about topics that you enjoy writing about. Right?

Can I Start a Freelance Writing Business in My Midlife?

Trust me when I say that freelance writing is not an age specific profession. You can start a freelance writing business at any age, even midlife.

By the time you’ve reached midlife, more than likely you’ve created your safe little comfort zone. A zone that you find yourself afraid to step out of.