What are the Barriers to Mental Health as a Freelancer?

Have you ever worked in an office environment?

If you have, then you know that the constant meetings, team-building exercises, and office politics can wear you down over time and cause some serious mental health problems.

Throw an introverted personality into the mix, and those day-to-day interactions with clients and colleagues can feel downright oppressive.

What Are the Ways to Create a Portfolio as a Ghostwriter?

Congratulations! You have chosen ghostwriting as your freelance writing niche.

You recognize the many perks to this area of specialization, including the opportunity to learn about topics you never would have thought about, the ability to author books and other pieces while remaining in peaceful obscurity (not everyone wants to be famous), and the sizable income that’s possible to achieve as your career progresses.

What Are the Skills Every Freelancer Needs?

If you have decided to become a freelancer,  it’s likely that you already possess the most fundamental skill you’ll ever need in this business: writing.

Maybe you even have a Bachelor’s degree in English or journalism (which is more than many writers have!), and you feel like you’re ready to tackle anything.