How Can I Accomplish My Freelance Goals Beyond the Boring to Do List?

Don’t get me wrong, having a strategy for accomplishing your dreams are necessary. In fact it’s vital if you plan on growing and expanding your empire. But goals and to do lists can get overwhelming, robotic and just another uninspiring thing to check off.

There has to be a joy to what you’re doing, because if you’re just going through the motion it becomes uninteresting and stressful. We need creativity and connection to what we’re doing especially as writers.

How Can I Accomplish My Freelance Goals Beyond the Boring to Do List?

There has to be a joy to freelancing, or else it’s uninteresting and stressful.

It’s Goals with Soul

The journey to success can be a long and arduous one, so finding what sustains you in the long run is imperative. What I’ve realized is having a theme that inspires or somehow keeps you connected to the bigger vision pulls you instead of you having to push things to happen.

It’s about less effort so you have more energy for things that are more important.

A theme unifies an idea and ties it to a goal that inspires you to do the mundane things, to get it done. It makes the- to do list more pleasurable without dreading it. Your to do list becomes your can’t wait to do list.

It’s also your activation word that primes you into a desired state. Make sure you align daily with the feeling from your theme. A few minutes a day usually in the morning embeds the vibration you’re going for.

Let’s say you have a goal of making a certain amount of money by the end of the year. Instead of just having a dollar amount, attach a theme, word or two that feels inspiring and empowering. It should make you feel a personal connection with the amount goal.

What do you want to feel along with the goal? What do you want to associate with it for the year that motivates inspired action? What is the feeling you desire to have at a deeper level?


When There’s a Desired Emotion with Your To Do List You’re More Excited to Execute It

Maybe the word is Freedom (to be your own boss and make money). Why not feel that way now instead of having to wait. So now your goals and business is associated with everything that comes along with the theme of Freedom.

You can create sub themes like opportunities, choices, abundance or whatever Freedom means to you. Create an atmosphere that supports these.

  • Space design, colors and art.
  • Scents as in essential oils that prompt these themes and feelings.
  • Visualization is a key element to animate those feelings.  They bring a sense of accomplishment to those goals and daily activities.
  • Music is a great way to get into the groove of whatever you’re going for.  Have a playlist to rock out your work.
  • Surrounding elements should invoke, inspire along with being functional.

Don’t Wait for Inspiration, You Have to Create It

These create the portal to those possibilities. It makes it real right now and gives the mind a desired state to focus on. Instead of the many distractions that can get in the way.

Let’s say your goal is to be healthier. Instead of having to feel like you need to lose an X amount or to eat better. What do you really want to feel and inspired about?

Maybe the word that activates you is something that feels strong. It could be Iron Man, Ninja Warrior or just Perfectly Fit. Of course you don’t have to be the Iron Man or Ninja Warrior, it’s about embodying the habits, persona and energy to get you there.

So whatever goal you want to achieve. Pick a theme in a word or words that activate the desired feeling or result associated with it.

Prime the feeling by connecting to the word or theme. Create an atmosphere that promotes inspired action. Get creative, the more elements you add to theme you’re working to accomplishing the more fun and joyful the process will be.

Entrepreneurs and freelance writers have a lot on their plate. It’s important to connect with your work in a way that keeps you energized, creative and passionate. This helps to go the distance in the long run!

What’s your activation theme? 🙂

Imelda Arcilla is a freelance writer for hire. Her expertise is in Spirituality, Self and Soul Development, Holistic Living, Transformation and Esoteric Knowledge. She has a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs thrive in their unique way. She’s always scribing life in many art forms from a magical sunrise, poetry or being a paparazzi with her two sassy cats.

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