How Can You Be an Awesome Freelancer with Reading Habits?

 “Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for.” – Socrates

Are you a freelance writer?

How Can You Be an Awesome Freelancer with Reading Habits?

Recent studies reveal that roughly a quarter (24%) of Americans don’t read books.

How are your reading habits?

Your answer might be. Yes, I read quite often.

Apart from all the reading, you do while researching for your writing. How often do you read?

Recent studies reveal that roughly a quarter (24%) of Americans don’t read books.

Reading habits are one of the best habits you can add to your life. Reading improves your mental health and makes you smarter.

If you are a freelance writer and if you are not reading enough, you are missing a big piece of the puzzle. Reading habits can boost your writing skills. There are lots of advantages to making reading a habit.

1. Reading Improves Your Vocabulary and Cognitive Skills

Being a freelance writer you need to be creative and to be creative you have to boost your cognitive skills.

Reading habit improves cognitive skills, increase creativity and vocabulary. These are skills important not only for writing but for all the tasks we do in our daily life.

Reading is a way of feeding your brain. To get your body in shape you need proper workout and good nutrients. Books, magazines, online articles are nutrient and reading is an exercise to the brain.

2. It Expands Your Writing Skills and Knowledge

The more you read, the more things you will know. The more things you know the better you write. Every time you read you are learning new ideas and concepts which you can use in your writing.

Reading different published works like magazines, newspapers, and books. You will understand different writing styles. Different author work will help you to use words and structure sentences in a creative way.

With the influence of great writing style from some great author. You might choose to write in a different style for better self-expression.

3. Improves Memory, Focus and Concentration for Writing

Being a writer having a sharp memory and good concentration ability is a blessing.

When you have a good memory you don’t have to go back to notes and resources often. You can write your post skimming once or twice at your notepad or articles.

Lack of focus and concentration are some of the factors which hinder the writing process. But, you can always improve your brain activeness by reading. So, grab some books and start reading more.

Reading often keeps the brain active and helps to process information more efficiently. It also helps you to become smarter.

4. Reading Is an Exercise to Your Writer’s Brain

The brain is one of the most important parts of the body. Being a writer we depend on our brain for all the idea creations. It stores all the content ideas for pitching and topics you want to write in the coming days.

The brain is also part of the muscle which needs exercise. Reading stimulates and exercises your brain keeping it active and fresh. An active and healthy brain will help you to be more creative in your writing.

When your brain is active you are more focus, determine and goal orientated. That is what you need to be an awesome freelance writer.


5. Reading Habits Will Make You a Successful Writer

Listen to success tips from any great leaders and successful people. You will find active reading is one of the most common tips on the list.

Reading let you explore stories, struggles, tips, and concept from a wide range of author.

The success stories you read of different successful people will inspire you. The struggle that they undergo will motivate you to push harder to write better.

As you read different books, you will adopt success habits such as goal setting and you will make use of your time in a productive way.

You gain incredible writing and speaking skills by reading. The more you read the more you get to know about how successful people think and what it take’s to be a successful writer.


Reading is one of the best things a person can adopt in their life. You being a freelance writer should be reading more than the non-writer do.

Active reading is an essential skill for making a living as a freelance writer.

Reading has lots of mental and health benefits. It improves concentration, reduces stress, increases verbal intelligence and improves empathy.

It also boosts your memory, enhances learning capacity, expands vocabulary and develops strong analytical skills.

Make it a habit to read every day and try different genres. Try reading both fiction and non-fiction. Use the knowledge you gain from your reading to incorporate in your writing.

Writers are readers! Start today and commit to reading every day.

I had set a goal to read 2 books a month. What are you reading right now or what are you planning to read from tomorrow?

Krishna Chhetry is a freelance writer for hire specializing in Personal Development, Health, and Content marketing. He offers blog writing for small businesses and solopreneurs providing colorful copy that keeps the readers coming back for more. To know more about his writing service please visit Freelance writer for hire or contact him at Krishna Chhetry.

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Good post Krishna! I like the part you mentioned about lacking of focus and concentration.I always face this problem when I start to write on my word document. Indeed reading does help to improve focus and therefore writing. And you are from Nepal! What a beautiful and awesome country . Greetings from Singapore and I am here to show you my support . I am a write to 1k student too.Reply to Jeff
Good to hear that you find the post helpful. Yes, reading has lots of benefits not only for writers but for everybody from all walk of life. Yes, I am from Nepal. And someday I wish to visit Singapore. Thanks for the support Jeff.Reply to Krishna