Guest Post Guidelines

Do you have an idea about freelancing that would be perfect for Freelancer FAQs? We are open to hearing from new and established freelancers interested in sharing your knowledge to our readers.

We cover a wide range of topics that are important to freelancers:

  • Grammar tips (ex: how to use a semicolon)
  • Copywriting tips & advice
  • Tips on advancing your career
  • Ways to break into freelancing
  • How to land clients
  • Different ways to make more money as a freelancer
  • Tips on how to manage your freelance business
  • Tips on how to manage your website
  • How to create better content
  • Tips on staying productive
  • And more…

Our topics can appeal to brand new freelancers and to more advanced entrepreneurs in the field.

Guest Posting Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in guest posting, please follow our guidelines to ensure your post will be featured on our site:

  1. 1000+ words long. Unique content only. Make sure you cover your topic thoroughly.
  2. We strongly prefer your headline in the form of a question. Phrase it the same way someone asking a question might pose it. Here are acceptable headlines:
      • Yes: How Do I Raise My Freelance Rates?
      • Yes: Thinking About Raising Your Rates? Here’s How
  3. You may choose any topic you like as long as it hasn’t been done on the site before. If you want to do the same question but have something to add or want to go in a slightly different direction, that is fine; just word the question differently.
  4. Topics should be geared toward freelancers, but feel free to take an approach with anything a freelancer may ask, including things like working from home, managing their website, making a living, dealing with clients, etc. It’s also okay to target any level, from novice to advanced freelancer.
  5. By submitting your post, you give Freelancer FAQ’s the right to edit your content so that it fits nicely within the site (normally just fixing typos, grammar, interlinking, imagery, shortening long subheads, etc), and the exclusive right to publish and/or depublish your post on our website. The post remains your property and you can always ask us to make changes or remove the post entirely, but if you choose to publish your post on other websites, unfortunately we’ll be forced to remove it from Freelancer FAQs.

What Do You Get?

You will receive a WordPress contributor account on the site and you can upload the post yourself.

As a guest contributor, you’ll receive an author bio with links, photo, etc. at the end of your post. You can also include a link or two to your own relevant content within the post if you’d like but unless the link is obviously yours, please let me know privately beforehand.

Sound good? Submit your guest post idea here!

Elna & team